Vidya 24th April 2020 Written Update: Dm threatens Avtaar

Vidya 24th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidya happily playing with the children relieved that she did well. Vidya leaves after winning the game. Avtaar gives money to Dm asking him to not reveal about Vidya to anybody. Dm checks the envelope and finds that it’s the money stolen from school. Avtaar gets worried.

Dharma scolds Vidya’s father and brother and they have an argument. Bablu tells everything to them and Vidya’s family worries for her. Vidya comes to temple and thanks God for helping her. She says that even Dm praised her for teaching the kids well. She finds Prem there and turns to leave. Prem tries stopping her but she doesn’t listen.

On the other hand Dm says that he knows the number on the envelope and the bank manager always send it to him. He asks how did get get the money and mocks him for his honesty. He feels bad for blaming Nanku. Prem stops Vidya and her cycle falls down. She runs away leaving the cycle. Prem wants to solve the matter soon as its urgent. At Vidya’s home, Vidya’s father tries leaving but Dharma stops him. He mocks him for waiting for money but running away due to problem.

Vidya’s father says that it’s them who got the job and asks them to deal it themselves. They hear police siren sound and immediately hides while Maa ji acts fainting. However the police has come to buy something from the shop and everyone gets relieved. Vidya’s mother scolds them for greedy for money and not caring about Vidya. Vidya goes to Avtaar home and Prem follows her. He wonders why she’s there. Another man is keeping a watch on them.

Dm asks Avtaar to tell him or else he’ll inform Nanku about it. Vidya comes there and says that Prem is at the back of her about the envelope she stole from school and she’s worried. Avtaar tries signalling her about Dm but she didn’t pay attention. Dm comes out and scolds them. Avtaar says that she stole the money to buy books and clothes for kids and he had already brought them. He agrees ro give more money and asks him to hide it from Nanku.

However Dm denies saying that he can’t live with the enmity of Nanku his whole life and leaves saying that he’ll inform him. The same man is following him. Avtaar asks Vidya to not to worry and asks her to leave to home while he goes after Dm. Vidya comes to take her cycle but Prem catches her. He asks what’s happened there and asks her to reveal the truth. Vidya reveals that she has stolen money from school which is of 10 lakh shocking Prem.

Precap : Prem reveals that his real name is Vivek Vardhan Singh and he’s the new Dm of the place shocking Vidya.