Vidya 25th March 2020 Written Update: Vidya and Vivek spends quality time during their journey

Vidya 25th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidya dreaming about Vivek tying the mangalsutra around her neck. Vivek gets her out of her dreams and asks Where’s she lost. Vidya just nods no. Vivek asks her to get ready while he waits in the car. He leaves while Vidya looks emotionally ar the mangalsutra.

She recalls their first meet and their moments together till the moment. She says that he’s the light of her life and he’s the only reason for her to be here as she recalls him fighting with his mom for her and their promise. She says that she’ll somehow make sure to win his trust on her. She says that Durga Maiyya has given her another chance and this time she’ll protect it with all her efforts.

Mehak is learning cooking with Parbatiya who teases her that it’s good to get married. Dharma and Bablu are sure that she’s doing all this for Avtaar as she fell for him after he saved her life. Mehak wants to try making roti but it gets terrible shape. She uses her smartness and uses a plate ro get the shape. Parbatiya praises her.

Bablu decides to get his revenge on Mehak for slapping him back in hospital. Parbatiya leaves to get dried clothes when Bablu and Dharma make a plan. They say that Avtaar loves bitter gourd as he’s a villagers and loves to keep himself fit. Mehak gets happy hearing it unaware of their plan and decides to make bitter gourd dish.

Vidya and Vivek are in the car. Vidya is tensed about the result but Vivek says that he trusts her to pass the exam with flying colors. Vidya asks him to not to lie as he doesn’t know ro lie. Sue says she can very well see him tensed too. Vivek asks her to shout as loud as possible to get relieved of her tension.

Vidya hesitates and so Vivek shouts first followed by Vidya. They both shout together. Vidya feels relieved after shouting and thanks Vivek. They decides to play a game of word. When Vivek says love Vidya takes Vivek’s name involuntarily. They both blush over it. Vivek switches on the radio and a romantic song plays on it. They both steal glances at each other during the song.

Precap : A guy enquires Vidya and Vivek about a small girl but they say they didn’t see anyone. Vivek asks who’s the girl and who are they. Vidya and Vivek finds some sound in car. They open the door to find the girl.