Vidya 27th April 2020 Written Update: Vivek visits Vidya

Vidya 27th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts Vidya informing about Vivek to Avtaar and family. She also says him about Vivek asking for her help regarding. Vivek is informs his senior about Vidya. He says that she’s educated, talented and also honest teacher. A man comes and salutes him and Vivek scolds him for doing so in Public. Avtaar says Vidya that they can’t go against Nanku and asks her not to help Vivek. He asks her to just go to school and teach. If not then all of us will be in jail and he leaves.

Vivek comes to meet Vidya and he sees her. After finds Ammaji and Kalindi on road. He offers to give lift to them but Kalindi refuses. He says that he’s the Vidhayak of this place and it’s duty to help them. He asks them to get on. He asks where they’ve to go. Ammaji says that she’s Nanku’s mother and she’s his wife.

Avtaar leaves with them. Vivek wakes up Vidya and she screams. Vivek asks her not to shout as it’s him. Vidya asks what’s he doing there as it will be a problem if anyone sees him there. Vivek says that what was Avtaar and Dm were talking. He says it’s important as Dm Sharma is missing and he doubts Nanku behind it. He asks for her help so that he can catch Nanku. Vidya recalls Avtaar’s words.

Dharma wakes up. He finds Vivek’s shadow and thinks him to be a thief. He shouts and rushes to call the neighbours. He says to them about the thief. Vivek tries running away from window but finds people coming and shuts it. Dharma shouts Vidya and Parbatiya to open the door. Parbatiya opens and asks what happened. He says about thief inside the house. Vidya worries for people to find about him with her.

Vivek asks her not to worry and asks her to open the door. Vidya does it and he immediately hides behind the door. People push Vidya but he holds her. He comes out when everyone are busy searching. He comes in and asks what happened. They say about the thief. Dharma asks Vidya if she saw any thief but she nods no. Bablu gets doubtful of Vivek and questions him but he convinces them.

Avtaar drops Amma and Kalindi at home when Nanku sees him there. He asks what was he doing with Dm in the house and says about his missing. Avtaar recalls seeing Nanku killing him. He says that he came to have tea. Nanku asks about Vidya also there. Avtaar lies that she came to call him for pooja.

Avtaar takes his leave. Amma ji says that he’s guy and asks Nanku if they can talk with him for Ranjhana. Next day morning Vidya prays and decides to study before teaching the students. She leaves to market with Amma and Vivek spots her.

Precap :Vivek says Vidya that he’ll catch Nanku with proof and he doesn’t need her help