Vidya 27th September 2019 Written Update:- Nanku gets to know about Prem and Ranjhana and Prem visits Vidya home

The episode starts with Avtaar scolding Vidya for doing such a big thing. Vidya says that she did what She felt is right. She says the government is doing so much for kids to study but still because of certain people everything is getting wasted. She says about how parents stated various reason to not send their children to school as they can’t afford it. She says that she very well knows how Nanku Singh is and his bad eye on her but still she couldn’t keep quiet seeing the injustice done by him. She says that it’s the right of the kids which is stolen by high officials. Avtaar asks how can they give it to the children as they may doubt about it. Vidya says that she has zero knowledge about it. She says that she wants a good education for the children. She apologizes for putting him in a difficult situation. He says that he’s not worried about him but her.

Santosh promises that she didn’t steal. Jagat doubts Santosh despite her pleadings. Tiwari expresses his trust in Santosh. Nanku says that the locker is not broken but opened and the keys were with her. Tiwari enquires her of the same. She remembers Ranjhana taking away keys from her. Santosh with hesitation reveals about Ranjhana visiting the school with a Prem. Jagat strangles her by neck and Santosh says that she can prove it. She shows him her anklets. Jagat fails to believe her but Nanku asks him to leave her. Nanku asks Santosh and everyone to not let the information leak anywhere outside. He says in mind that Prem didn’t do right by messing with his family and wishes.

Prem is having some talk with Dharma and his family. Vidya walks in to see Prem with her family and wonders about it. Prem praises Vidya and expresses his trust in her. Dharma and Maa Ji too leaves leaving Prem and Vidya alone. Vidya gets remembered seeing Ranjhana and Prem and leaves disgusted. He says that sometimes whatever we see in front of our eyes can be wrong. He says there’s nothing between him and Ranjhana. He says that once again he helped her escape and also says that he saw something her hands. He asks her to visit him behind the temple tomorrow evening. He leaves saying that he will be waiting for her.

Nanku says the officers about the theft. Vidya is lost in Prem’s thought and Avtaar visits them. He blames them for Vidya’s condition and they get greedy. However, Avtaar reveals that it’s Nanku Singh’s and they get shocked. He says that he has sent his man behind Nanku to know what’s happening. He says that he has another news.

The officers blame Nanku for the theft and Jagat slaps him. They get into the fight. Nanku warns him and he threatens to perform the inspection in the school.
Fb ends…
They get worried about Vidya getting caught.

Precap: Sharma conducts inspection and Vidya teaches wrongly and he scolds her.