Vidya 28th April 2020 Written Update: Tiwari gets exposed

Vidya 28th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Avtaar asking Mishra that if it’s possible to remove Vidya from the job. Mishra says that it’s difficult as it’s a government job. He says that he will look into it. Dharma asks Avtaar to teach Vidya. Avtaar asks doesn’t he have any other work. He says that he’s not an English teacher.

Vidya starts studying when Vivek comes to meet Avtaar. Guards stop him and Vivek says that he wants to meet Avtaar. Guard leaves to inform him. He says about Prem waiting to meet him outside. Avtaar thinks that he’s there to ask about Sharma. He asks him to say that he’s busy and they can’t meet. Guard says the same. Vivek decides to meet Vidya.

Vidya is doing a pooja for kids. She feeds the girls and washes their feet. Santosh calls Vidya call but Vidya decides to go to temple first. A man comes to Vivek and gives him the list. He checks Sharma’s call records and finds nothing enough to catch him. He says that the complaint filed by Sharma is also missing and there’s nothing he could do to prove Nanku guilty.

The man asks what’s he going to do now. Vivek says that he should take help from Vidya but she’s not listening to him from the time she got to know that he’s the new Dm. Avtaar and Sharma met each other too but Avtaar is not ready to meet him.

Vivek finds Vidya praying in temple and goes to her. Vivek asks if she doesn’t want to do good then why did she stole the money. Vidya says that she gave it ti Avtaar to help the kids. Avtaar is seen distributing study materials to the kids. He thinks that he can’t reveal Vidya name. Tiwari says students about Avtaar’s help and they all applaud him.

Avtaar greets the kids and gives them books and stationery. He says that they will get bags, uniform and other stiffs too. He makes Vidya to give the materials. Vidya overhears Santosh, Tiwari and Principal’s talks about getting money from government again. She recalls Vivek’s words.

Vidya tells a lady about government giving money for spending on kids but Tiwari looting it. She is asks her to not reveal that it’s her who said the truth. The lady gets angry and assures Vidya that her name will not come out. She goes to others and informs them of the same. They all rush to Tiwari but he runs away and locks himself up.

Nanku finds his mother asking about Avtaar to Pandit ji. He asks why for which she says that she likes Avtaar for Ranjhana. Tiwari calls Nanku and says about what happened. He gets shocked. Vivek finds people running angrily towards school. The bang Tiwari’s door asking him to open it.

Vidya asks them to not behave violent in front of the kids. But they say that the kids must see him getting beaten up. They say that let Nanku come and give punishment to Tiwari but Vivek says why to trouble Nanku for this.

Precap : Nanku comes to school. People get angry on Nanku. Vivek says that he had said everything to them. Police comes there and says that they need to arrest culprit.