Vidya 29th April 2020 Written Update: Nanku escapes from getting caught

Vidya 29th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vivek calling officers asking about the money sent for the kids in school. The officer says that they’ve sent 10 lakh for kids’ education. People get furious hearing it. Ammaji asks Kalindi about the pairing of Avtaar and Ranjhana. Kalindi says that Nanku seems to not like the pairing much. She asks her to once show his picture to Ranjhana.

Kalindi takes the picture but doesn’t find her in the room. She gets shocked seeing empty cupboards and shouts for Ammaji. Ammaji rushes in and asks what happened. Kalindi says about Ranjhana running away from the house and fears for Nanku’s reaction. Ammaji gets shocked hearing it.

Vivek says to them that now that it’s clear that the school authorities have cheated the kids and their parents and asks them to continue beating. The people show their anger on Tiwari. Vivek goes to Vidya and praises her saying that she did well by revealing the scam. He says that she helped him ib trapping Nanku’s deeds and now people will question him about the scam. Nanku comes there and people furiously asks that if he’s also involved in the scam. Nanku gets at their audacity to question him and asks who said all this.

Vivek steps forward revealing that it’s him who revealed the scam. Vivek asks Nanku to accept his crimes as everything is out in open. Inspector comes there and Vivek says that it’s him who called the police. The inspector says that he will investigate and asks them to leave but they deny budging. Nanku asks Tiwari to take the blame on him.

Kalindi sends men to search Ranjhana before Nanku finds about it. Nanku slaps Tiwari and puts the complete blame on him. He threatens him to accept the crimes. Tiwari accepts his crime and people are about to thrash him but Nanku acts saint and asks them to let the government do the duty. Vidya and Vivek gets shocked seeing it. Tiwari gets arrested.

Ranjhana calls her friend and says about Nanku slapping and locking her. She says that she loves Prem and wants to elope with him. Avtaar comes there and Ranjhana gets angry at him for breaking her phone. She sees Nanku’s men and hides.

Avtaar asks why did she hide seeing Nanku’s men. She says that she’s Nanku’s sister and warns him. Avtaar offers to drop her in her house but she asks him to drop her in Banaras. He asks her to hop in the dickey and can shift later.

She does the same. Nanku pretends good in front of villagers and they all believe him and worship him. Vivek gets shocked. He says Vidya that Nanku played smart. He says that soon she’ll be getting a letter as Principal shocking her.

Precap: Avtaar warns Vidya about Nanku. Vivek gets attacked by Nanku’s men.