Vidya 2nd December 2019 Written Update: Viday agrees for the remarriage!


Vivek advises Vidya to accept the marriage
The episode starts with Vidya rejecting Dharma’s request. She says that she wants to end her life only in this life. Dharma says that she wants to live her life and not end it. He begs in front of her to accept for second marriage and free him from his sons . Vidya cries helpless. She leaves without answering.. Vidya enters her room and cries thinking about Dharma’s words.

Bablu informs to Avtaar about Dharma deciding about Vidya’s second marriage. Avtaar thinks that it’s good as Vidya will now be freed from the hell and can have a happy life. Though he wants to help he can’t as he is helpless. Bablu asks him to stop the wedding and Avtaar pulls him by ears. He says that for the first time Dharma is doing something good and he’s trying to spoil it. He warns him to not come here ever and drives him away. Vidya says Dharma that she can understand that whatever he’s saying is only for her good. She is about to leave for her school but Dharma stops her. He says that he does not have much time and gives him the papers of her salary to her. He wants to make her the in charge of her salary. Bablu is against it but Dharma shuts him. Vidya signs it and begs him to not force her. Dharma too pleads her to accept it for one last time.

Vivek visits temple and does pooja. His mother calls him and he says that he’s doing pooja as she said. She says that he got recovered only because of durga maiyya. He prays to god when Vidya comes there. Vivek gets shocked seeing her. He recalls his mother’s words about proposing Vidya. He gets happy but then finds her upset. Vidya finally notices Vivek when he asks why’s she upset. Vidya covers it and asks about him getting discharged.

Vivek says that he’s much better now and is happy back home. He came there to thank durga Maiyya for saving him even after getting shot by three bullets. He still finds her tensed and forces her to say what happened. She recalls what Dharma said and says about Dharma wanting to get her married second time. She says how she is actually found a way to live by educating kids and this is not what she wanted. She says she don’t want to abundant them at such a time.

Vivek decides to not reveal his feelings to her. He says that it’s not wrong to do second marriage. Her father in law is right to do her second marriage. If he was in his place he would do the same. As a friend he’s happy for her. Vidya gets disappointed with his words as she expected him to support her in educating kids. Vidya thinks about Vivek not aware of her truth. Vivek advises her to go ahead with the marriage.

Precap : villagers asks dharma to get Vidya married to Vivek

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