Vidya 30th April 2020 Written Update: Vivek gets arrested on false charges

Vidya 30th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidya saying Vivek that she’s just doing her job as teacher and nothing more. Vivek praises her and held his hand for handshake but Vidya folds her hands. Vivek smiles and wishes her the same way. On the other hand Avtaar brings Ranjhana home and Ranjhana gets furious at him. She asks if he got afraid of her brother. Avtaar says that this is right for her.

Kalindi and Amma comes out and finds Ranjhana. They asks her to get down and both scolds her. Ammaji asks her to go to her room and room and Ranjhana leaves fuming. Ammaji thanks Avtaar for bringing her home. Avtaar is about to leave but Kalindi invites him to leave after meeting Nanku. Avtaar says that he’ll meet next time and leaves. Kalindi advises Ranjhana to not get angry on her brother.

Avtaar comes to Vidya and asks what did Vivek say to her. She says that he’s proud, thank you and bye. Dharma says that he’s proud of seeing her speaking English. He asks her to repeat it and she does. Avtaar sends him back to his shop and explains what Vivek told. He says that Vivek is proud of her as she helped villagers and thanked her. He also adds that along with helping people she’s also building enmity with Nanku which is not good for them. He leaves.

Jagat fumes with Nanku as for the first time they failed in something and its all because of Prem. Nanku says Jagat that he’ll finish Prem in this Dussera. Vidya comes to school and finds Toilet building works taking place. She gets happy seeing all the good things.

Nanku calls Vidya and says that all the teachers must stay for educating the kids. He says that he’s taking over the administration and doesn’t want any parents complaining about their kids studies. Vivek meets a man who acts fainting. A goon hits him at the back of his head and he fights the goon.

Other goons too join him and they all catch him. On the other hand Nanku asks Vidya to stay back and she gets tensed. Vivek is put into the car. The police comes and Jagat instructs them to frame Vivek in Sharma’s murder case. They plant evidences against him.

Nanku says Vidya about Vivek condition and says that he’s not a good person. He asks her to stay away from Vivek. She finds people too talking ill about Vivek. She comes to Avtaar and asks if he knew the truth. Avtaar says whatever happened. On the other hand Vivek wakes uo in jail and gets to know about them framing him. Hw just laughs at them.

Vidya pleads Avtaar to save Vivek but he says that he can’t. Avtaar says Vivek is himself a DM and knows to save him. Vidya answers back him and Avtaar says she started speaking after going to school. He asks her not to forget that she’s illiterate and if Vivek comes to know this she’ll be in jail.

Precap : Vidya tells the kids about Ravan Dahan Nanku threatens Vivek but he challenges him back that he’ll be out.