Vidya 30th December 2019 Written Update: Nanku gets death sentence as punishment

The episode starts with Avtaar confronts Vivek. He taunts his love which went away with a single mistake. He says that his love can only weaken him and not his principles. Vivek before leaving says that he’ll not talk about Vidya anymore. Avtaar holds him by collar for calling Vidya a cheater. Constables hold him but Vivek asks them to leave him. He says that he got angry when he called his sister betrayer. He says he got betrayed and how much more angry will he be. He asks him to leave and Avtaar leaves fuming.

Vivek comes to Vidya and Vidya asks him to punish him for her mistake but asks him to not hate her. Vivek says that he can understand that she was helpless but asks her to promise that she’ll not lie to him ever again else he’ll leave her and go far away. Vidya promises the same but it turns out to be her dream. Vivek comes there and notices Vidya but completely ignores her.

Vidya is in court witness cage and Vidya recalls Vivek’s hateful words.. Vivek comes there and glares at her. Judge comes and asks to bring the accused. Nanku, Jagat, Ranjhana and Dharma is presented in court. Vidya asks Inspector if they are here only for this case and he agrees. The hearing starts and Vidya gives her witness. Vivek keeps glaring at her while Nanku looks fuming at her. Lawyer then calls the next witness Kalandi. Kalandi too gives her statement against Nanku and others. Nanku looks angrily at her. Kalandi recalls Amma ji’s words to support Nanku’s deeds. The hearing gets over. Judge says that Dharma and Ranjhana didn’t have enough proofs against them and so are released. Ranjhana is asked to sign daily in police station till enquiry period. Sandeep is given three years imprisonment. Jagat is also given years imprisonment for killing of Ammaji and standing by Nanku. Nanku is given death sentence. Nanku looks furious at Vivek, Vidya and Kalandi. Everyone leaves. Vidya is asked to leave too but spots Vivek. She keeps calling him but he leaves without paying heed to her.

Avtaar beats Bablu with stick and Parvati supports him. Vidya is taken to school by Inspector. Santosh falls on her feet and begs for apology for standing by Nanku. She says that didn’t have any other option other than this. Avtaar is about to beat Bablu again but Dharma stops him. Avtaar asks if he escaped from jail but Dharma denies and says that he’s left as they didn’t have any proof against him. Avtaar warms him but Dharma stands unaltered. He says that now he’s supported by Nanku who’s more powerful than him. Vidya finds everyone respecting her including Nanku’s supporters. She’s about to go to class but Santosh asks her to go to head master room. She finds Anand who hands over her promotion of Principal. Vidya gets confused.

Precap : Vidya tries meeting Vivek but Vivek kept ignoring her.