Vidya 30th November 2019 Written Update: Dharma’s shocking decision

The episode starts with some uncomfortable moment between Vidya and Vivek. Vivek keeps asking random questions to make it les awkward. His mom hits her head. He’s about to take the mobile but Vidya helps him. He scrolled through his mobile to find all the evidences against Nanku deleted. He gets shocked so is Vidya. Anand says that inspector gave him the mobile. Vivek says that he’s Nanku’s man. Vivek gets frustrated. He’s about to go but Vidya stops him. She asks Anand to call Vivek’s mom as doctor asked him to rest. She says that she knows the situation but asks him to first recover. She scolds him for being adamant. She asks for his mobile and Vivek gives it half hearted.

Vidya leaves to check on Dharma and advises him to stop thinking about Nanku Singh for time being. Staff provide him with food and Vidya stops in the middle. She keeps pickle on his plate aa the hospital food is very yuck. His mother praises her and asks her to convince him marriage. Vidya shies and leaves away. She snatches food from Vivek and starts eating it. Vivek says that it’s him who’s sick. She praises Vidya’s handmade pickle and asks him to marry her soon to have it daily. Vivek says that once more if she says about marriage he’ll take sanyaas. They both tease each other.

Dharma wakes up and Vidya cries seeing him. Dharma asks her to not cry and he’s fine. Doctor gives discharge papers to Vidya. Dharma asks about to him but Vidya says that she’ll say everything after reaching home. Doctor asks him to not take stress and leaves.

Vidya is praying in front of God crying. Dharma asks what did doctor say. She says that there’s a tumor in her father in law’s head and is in the last stage. He says that he won’t survive for long. Everyone gets shocked and emotional. Bablu says that doctor is lying for money. Dharma checks the reports. He says that he never hurt anyone then why’s did he get this disease. He sees his son’s photo and recalls ill treating Vidya all the time and troubling her on Nanku’s saying. Dharma falls down and Vidya gets him water. Bablu tries with other hospital to recheck the reports. Dharma says that today he understood that God is taking note of everything. He says that he did so much wrong with Vidya.

Dharma says that he’s paying the price of bad deeds he did for her. He says that he has 1 month time to rectify his mistake. Dharma says that he’s getting punishment for spoiling Vidya’s life for his selfish motives. He asks Bablu to stand on his feet. Bablu says that he’s speaking as if he’s dying the next day and Parbatiya slaps him for his words. Dharma blames themselves for Bablu being useless. Dharma says that he’s going to become her dad and will fulfil his responsibility by doing her second marriage. Everyone gets shocked hearing it.

Precap : dharma asks Vidya’s permission and she agrees for him