Vidya 4th November 2019 Written Update: Maa ji gets attacked and Nanku gets bail

The episode starts with the villager requesting Vivek to have food on the bed but Vivek sits with other people. He gets hiccups and finds no water. Vidya sees it and offers him water. Vidya asks if he needs sweets but Vivek says that he’s fine. Vidya sees a furious Kalandi and asks if everything is fine. She says that after ruining everything she’s asking if everything is right. Kalandi recalls Nanku threatening her and looks angrily at Vidya. Vidya notices it. Vidya’s mom in law sends her for work and she goes to get the plates and finds Maa Ji in a pool of blood and shouts. Everyone rushes to her and gets shocked seeing her condition.

Vivek checks Maa ji and everyone panics. Vivek calls the ambulance. A lawyer visits Nanku and informs about Maa ji condition. Nanku asks if she will be saved. He plans against Vivek to break the case and the lawyer gets shocked. He asks isn’t he worried about his mom. Nanku says he’s worried but the lawyer finds it but still leaves. Bablu asks Nanku did di really did this for him. Nanku says that his sister is no less than an ideal wife and will go any extent to save him. He says that now he only wants his mother’s death.

Vivek says Kalandi and Ranjhana that he spoke with specialists and everything will be alright. His assistant informs him about the case going weak and Nanku may get bail as Maa ji is the major witness in the case. Kalandi hears it. He sends him off saying that he’ll manage. Vivek asks them if they have any doubts about anyone. Ranjhana says that no doubt but is sure that it’s Vidya who did it. Vivek says that Vidya Ji doesn’t have any motive to do it. He notices Kalandi all tensed and looks suspiciously at her.

The doctor informs that she lost lots of blood and her condition is very worse. He says that anything can happen to her and leaves. Vivek keeps looking at Kalandi.

Everyone in Vidya home discusses the Maa ji incident. Parvati says that something or other troubles keeps coming and Dharma looks at her. Vidya and Bablu notice Dharma behaving strangely. Munni’s mother asks Vidya to bring Munni and she goes to find her doll broken and blood drops on the floor with a bloodstain in wood. She searches for Munni but couldn’t find her. She comes out and informs the same to everyone. Dharma panics and gets tensed. Vidya calls and informs Vivek about Munni missing. Vivek asks her not to touch anything until he arrives. He informs Ranjhana and Kalandi about Munni and is about to leave when the doctor comes and informs about Maa Ji going to coma. He gets shocked.

Munni’s mother blames Vidya for being abshagun to her daughter. Vivek supports Vidya and examines the place. He finds blood in two places and guesses that it’s maa ji and Munni. They wonder about Munni.

Nanku gets bail and Bablu praises Kalandi for her work. Kalandi says that she didn’t hit Maa ji shocking Nanku.

Precap: Nanku challenges Vivek.