Vidya 6th January 2020 Written Update: Vidya’s unexpected move to shock Vivek

The episode starts with Vidya asking bittu to recall the day’s class. Bittu recalls it well and Vidya gets happy. Tiwari asks Chandu to show what he has written. He finds everything wrong and he criticises his family background. Chandu says its his first time he’s teaching and was dictating so fast. He asks him to show his hand and beats him with a stick. Chandu runs away and goes to Vidya. He says Tiwari ji has beat him too harsh.

Tiwari comes after him and says that these type of children should be dealt only with this way. Vidya asks what does he means by these type of children. Tiwari explains that they are poor and low class children while he and Vidya are high class people. He says the low class people can’t learn like them. Vidya gets shocked hearing it.

Vivek comes to Vidya’s home shocking Dharma. Everyone gets shocked and Parvati welcomes him. Dharma fears of getting caught seeing him. Parvati invites him but Vivek declines her invitation. He asks Dharma what does he think of himself. He says just because he got bail doesn’t mean he can do anything. He says yesterday he dirtied school with Nanku’s men and this could be a reason for his cancellation of bail. He drags Dharma out and asks broom stick from Parvati. Parvati gives it to him. He asks Dharma to clean the whole street and asks others to keep a watch on him to see if he’s doing properly. Dharma starts cleaning.

Vidya thanks Tripathi for letting her know about th5 differences between these people and those people. She asks for his mobile and he gives it. Tripathi praises Vidya for understanding and asks her to get rid of all these poor people from teaching. Vidya calls Vivek and says her decision of not teaching the low class and poor people as their sanity is not intact. Tripathi praises Vidya for her bold decision and Vidya asks everyone to assemble on ground. Vivek comes there when Tripathi separates rich and poor children. Cooking gets completed which has only poison in it. Vidya watches it furious. He asks Tripathi what’s happening there.

Dharma calls Nanku and informs about Vivek got to know everything. Nanku is enjoying with a lady and says that it’s good that he got to know. He asks what’s happening in school and wants Vidya behind the bars. He promises him to pay a huge amount for it. Vidya thanks Vivek for coming. She announces that she’s sure that Vivek will be with them in this decision. She says she’s asked to report whatever happens in school to DM.

Vivek says they are questioning the equality of the nation. Vidya announces their decision of only teaching the rich and high class people and not the low ones. Tripathi asks Vidya if she’s with them and as reply Vidya stands with the poor children. Tripathi gets shocked.

Precap : Vidya assures Vivek that she’ll change the thoughts of Tripathi. She asks Tripathi to spot his Caste children from a crowd.