Vidya 7th November 2019 Written Update: Ranjhana to attack Vidya and Munni to hide the truth

The episode starts with Dharma revealing that it’s Ranjhana who did the crime. Vidya and everyone gets shocked. He says about Munni in danger too. He says that he agrees he’s selfish and money minded but he’s not a murderer and even he loves Munni so much. He says that he was afraid. Vidya realizes that Munni’s life is still in danger as Ranjhana is still in hospital. Ranjhana gives prasad to Munni’s mother. She says that she went to temple to cure her mother and says that she has prayed for Munni too. Ranjhana looks at Munni through mirror and Vivek comes there with Doctor. Munni’s mother asks about her condition and Doctor says that she will get conscious by the next day. Munni’s mother thanks Vivek while Vivek asks her to thank Vidya and leaves.

Ranjhana decides to kill Munni by tonight.
Vidya calls Vivek and informs that she got to know who attacked Sumati Maa ji and Munni. When she’s about to reveal the name someone cuts the connection. Vivek tries back but finds the line dead. He thinks that something is wrong. Power goes off and They find men pointing gun at Vidya and her family. Vivek instructs his men and leaves to Vidya. Ranjhana sees it and says that both Vidya and Munni’s life will be end today. She hires canteen stuff and drugs everyone’s food so that she can kill Munni.

Nanku is confused about the person who helped him and sees Kalandi tensed. She says that she thought he has only one bad habit of eyeing other women but he’s filled with only bad blood all over his body. Nanku scolds Kalandi and asks if she’s his support or others. He says that along with power money comes which will keep them powerful among all. He says that if he thought about right and wrong then they wouldn’t be enjoying all the luxuries. He says that when he can do this to his mother then he can very well do it to her as well as her baby. He says that he never loves anyone more than himself and asks her to remember it. He sends her away and after she leaves he apologizes his daughter for using her to threaten her mother.

Vidya’s men ties Dharma and his family and comes towards Vidya. She sees the lantern and throws it on them and runs and hides in a room. They start breaking the door and Vivek is coming in his car. Ranjhana convinces Munni’s mother and feeds her. After having spiked food everyone falls asleep.

Vidya is running away when sees Vivek passing by in his car and calls him. He hears her and gets down from the car but they holds her and stops her from shouting. Vivek calls for Vidya but she couldn’t answer. Vivek leaves while Vidya sighs defeated. Ranjhana finds everyone asleep and smiles. The men decides to kill Vidya and Ranjhana is about to stab Munni. Vidya is in temple and calls for help.

Precap : Vidya prays and Dharma says about Ranjhana being the murderer to