Vidya 8th April 2020 Written Update: Nanku Singh arrives at the school

Vidya 8th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidya standing below a flowing tap and tries washing away Nanku’s touch from her body. She starts furiously wiping her body and cries. Her Mom in law scolds her for drawing attention. Vidya joins her hands and says that she’s not aware of his intentions. She says she really thought him to be a good man. Maa ji curses her again and leaves. Vidya falls down crying.

Nanku Singh remembers touching Vidya and smiles. His wife says that the pooja went well. She feels blessed to have him as her husband. She says after marriage it’s all on men’s wish and she’s aware of it. She starts leaving but he holds her. He asks what she’s saying. She says she’s aware of his intentions and says that even Maa and Anjana could have understood his intentions on Vidya. He apologizes and praises her for being with him after knowing everything about him. He bribes her with expensive jewelry and she takes it. She keeps it in the cupboard along with her other bribed jewels. She says that it’s not gold that she’s fond of but she just wants him. Vidya comes out after bathing and Avtaar asks her not to worry. He says that it’s not her mistake that if the people around her are wrong.

Next day Vidya comes to school only to find Nanku’s car parked outside. She finds Jagat speaking on mobile and shivers. He calls her and she just wishes him and starts leaving. She meets Santosh on the way and she asks her to visit Tiwari ji as Nanku Singh is discussing her with him. She takes her to Nanku. Vidya hesitates but she forces her to go. Vidya goes to office room and Nanku looks evilly at her. She feels uncomfortable under his gaze and adjusts her dress. He asks her to sit but Vidya denies. He keeps forcing her and she sits without any option. He gives chocolate to Bittu and sends him away. He says that it’s for her for saving Bittu’s life. Santhosh says that along with Vidya she also did so much for the school. Nanku says that she always does this for school. He’s about to touch her but Vidya leaves the place as fast as she could. She takes her cycle and leaves and Nanku gets shocked. He says that he came to gift her but she’s running away. Vidya rides the cycle remembering Nanku Singh. Santhosh visits Vidya house and enquires about Vidya. When they ask if there’s any problem in school she says about Nanku visiting Vidya and she leaving all of a sudden. Her family gets worried.

Nanku waits for Vidya to come back. Tiwari ji leaves to feed the children but Nanku forbids him. He says that no one will eat or leave the place until Vidya comes back.

Vidya visits the temple and prays in front of God. She cries hard.

Precap: Nanku says that it’s not possible to run a school with 30 or 40 students. He asks her to bring at least 100 students for the school.

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