Vidya 8th November 2019 Written Update: Ranjhana attacks Vidya and Vivek saves her

The episode starts with Vidya praying to durga maa to save her and the men mocks her. She sees the sindoor and throws it on the goons. Vivek comes to Vidya House and hears Dharma’s screams. Vivek breaks open the door and finds all tied up. Dharma says about goons at the back of Vidya and says about Ranjhana being responsible for the mess. Vivek gets shocked. Vidya comes to hospital and finds all unconscious.

Ranjhana is about to stab Munni. Vidya sees Tara too unconscious while Ranjhana holds her mouth and is about to stab her but Vidya holds her on time. She slaps Ranjhana hard and she falls on floor. Ranjhana again raises her hand to stab Vidya but once again Vidya holds her on time.

Ranjhana says that she can’t stop her. Vidya feels disgusted her for trying to kill a child. She says that she’s doing it for my brother. Vidya says that she wants to save a brother like him who’s disgusting in all ways. She says that she has attacked her own mother for that worst brother. Ranjhana accepts that she did attack her mother for her brother as all the respect and power they have in this village is only because of her brother and she will not let that go in vain. She recalls hearing the argument of her Bhabhi and brother and her brother asking her to kill his mother. She was warning hiding when Kalandi cries in front of Anna ji and sends her men to attack her once she’s gone. Munni sees it and shouts and she attacks her too and drags her away. She says that she has warned her father in law too but he didn’t keep quite. Vidya says that she’s going to confess all her crimes to Vivek ji who will send her to jail. She’s about to attack Vidya but Vivek stops her in time and arrests her.

Vivek and Vidya comes to Nanku’s house along with Ranjhana with handcuffs. Nanku gets shocked seeing it and asks what’s all this. Nanku asks them to remove the handcuffs and asks Vivek to release Ranjhana. Vivek says that it’s his sister who attacked his mother to save him. Nanku and everyone gets shocked. He says that he’s here only because of his sister. Ranjhana says that she did all this to save her brother and if needed will do it again. She says to Nanku that she knows that he might be angry at her for this but she doesn’t have any other way. Nanku says that she proved that she’s his blood. He promises to not let anything happen to her. He says that he will free her in front of Vidya and Vivek.

Vidya says that instead of scolding her he’s praising her for her wrong deed. Nanku mocks Vidya and Kalandi tries making Nanku understand but he shuts her. Vivek smiles at their cheap nature. He compares Nanku as Ravan and Ranjhana as Surpanaka and takes her away.

Avtaar Singh comes back and enquires about Vidya who comes with Vivek. Vivek says that still the attacker is not found and he may try to attack vidya or Munni again.

Precap : Vidya gets shocked seeing Ranjhana getting royal treatment