Vidya 9th December 2019 Written Update: Vidya’s marriage gets finalized

The episode starts with Sandeep coming home followed by Vivek. Vidya gets shocked seeing Vivek. They both share a painful eyelock. Dharma welcomes him. Vivek is about to leave but Dharma pleads him to stay. Vivek denies and Dharma requests him again as he’s also like his family member. Vivek agrees and Vidya gets upset.

Jagat is crying in pain given by Vivek’s wounds. Nanku says that Vivek has become watchman of Vidya. He laughs evilly at it. Jagat asks why’s he laughing. He says that now their work has become easy. He says using this marriage he will break Vidya and Vivek’s strained relationship. He guarantees to not let this marriage happen at any cost.

Dharma requests Vivek to be throughout the marriage. Vidya looks angrily at Vivek. Vivek is about to go denying and Parbatiya requests him with folded hands. Vidya wonders why is Vivek is Infront of others and why’s he doing all this. Vivek brings tea and snacks for everyone and Vivek looks at her painfully. Dharma introduces Sandeep to Vidya. Vivek gets hurt seeing it and stands up to go. He reasons that he needs to make a call for official purpose. He stands outside.

Sandeep asks permission to speak with Vidya in private and they go. They sit in front of Vivek hurting him more. Sandeep initiates the conversation. He says about himself and his six year old daughter. He says that she has full freedom for doing whatever she wish. He keeps talking but Vidya is looking only at Vivek without listening to him. They both gets lost in each other’s memory. She just listens his last line. He asks her to become the mother of his daughter and he wants nothing more. He wants to become friends before becoming spouses. He says he said whatever needed to ad asks for her to say something. Vidya says her in laws wish is her wish and nothing more. Vivek in hurt breaks a pot. Everyone’s attention turns towards him. Parbatiya asks about Vidya’s decision. Vidya agrees for the marriage. Vivek gets shocked as she agreed without any opinion or questions from her side. He wonders why. Dharma distribute sweets to Vivek and everyone. Vivek gets upset.

Dharma discuss with Pandit for marriage date. Vivek congratulates Sandeep. Sandeep too thanks him. Vivek asks permission to meet Vidya and Dharma agrees. Vidya is lost in Vivek’s thoughts. Vivek sees Vidya lost and knocks the door. He looks painfully at her. Vidya asks why did he come inside. Vivek asks her to not worry as he came after getting permission from Dharma ji. He just wanted to congratulate her. He says the way she chose to forget him is utter nonsense. If she feels cheated by him then punish him but why her. Vidya denies and Vivek says else why did she agree without a word with the guy. He says she agreed just because of him. What mistake did he do other than loving her? He says he will love her whole life and none can stop him including her.

Precap : Vivek says he will get her married in front of his eyes to come in terms with reality. He congratulates her.