Vidya 9th March 2020 Written Update: VIDYA’S PLAN TO CATCH MUNNA PANDEY

The episode starts with Vidya saying that she has a plan to stop Munna. Kids in their house are pleading their parents to not send them away. Their parents cries helpless while they were taken away forcefully.

Vidya says about complaining to Education Is Must (E. I. M) and catching Munna Pandey red-handed while sending the kids. She says neither government nor any goons can make them escape. She says someone from their side should be with Munna Pandey to catch them. She looks at Bablu. Bablu clearly denies taking the risk.

Avtaar lures Dharma by money for convincing Bablu and he immediately agrees. Dharma starts convincing him when Vivek asks her to be ready with the plan as they’ve only two hours to save the kids. He gets a backup plan ready.

Vidya goes to Education Is Must department and to lodge complaint. Vidya visits the head Karuna Devi who seems to dislike Vidya for a reason. She makes her wait. Time keeps running. Everyone waits for Vidya. Vidya keeps waiting for long. Vidya having had enough barges in to find her busy with phone and gets angry.

Karuna taunts Vidya but Vidya says it’s urgent. She explains the problem to her but she says that it’s not their work to look into it as it’s child labour department. Vidya tries explaining her but Karuna acts impossible.

Vidya understands that she’s jealous of her and scolds her for being irresponsible. She taunts her for not becoming brand ambassador as she don’t deserve it. She says that she’ll definitely save the children. She also warns that if something to any child then she will definitely won’t ket go off her. She may even be sent home forever.

Vidya comes to Munna enterprises and finds children upset to go. Vidya calms them down. Munna asks why she’s back. She says that she understood his power and came here for a help. She calls Bablu and Dharma in and they both convince Munna to take Bablu with them for work too as they are in need of money.

Munna agrees but gets doubtful on them. He asks his men to check Bablu. They asks him to remove his shoes and he does but nothing happens as the GPS is attached at the inside of the shoes. They gets relieved and Munna accepts Bablu.

Precap : Vidya attacks Munna and his men