Vidya No 1: Can Vidya save Manasa?

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Zee Tamil’s popular show, Vidya No1, is gearing up for drama with Vidya and Karthik sneak into Abhishek’s house.

Previously, it was seen that Abhishek and Preethi provoked Suryaprakash and Karthik by mocking them. They were sure that Manasa would be jailed. Suryaprakash gave them an apt reply. Suryaprakash threatened them to turn their life a hell if Manasa got punished. Preethi waited for Vidya’s arrival to catch her and revealed her face to Vedavalli.

Vidya hid seeing Preethi. The court hearing started. Abhishek’s lawyer accused Manasa of humiliating Abhishek by eloping with Karthik from the wedding mandap. He accused Manasa of having an affair with Karthik from long.

Manasa denied this and explained that she had agreed to marry Abhishek when she didn’t known his real face. She had learned his real nature when he had forced her to sign in the agreement. She explained what that agreement is.

Manasa’s lawyer defends Manasa and asked time to get that agreement to prove Manasa’s innocence. The judge agreed and gave time till the next day evening. Vidya decided to enter into Abhishek’s house without his knowledge and got that agreement document with the help of Karthik. Later, Vidya shared her plan to Chandramohan, Surya and Vijay.

In today’s episode, it’s seen that Vidya and Karthik sneak into Abhi’s house. Abhi and his friends are drinking alcohol and talking about Abhishek taking revenge on Manasa by getting her arrested.

Vidya and Karthik manage to find the agreement, but they drop the agreement and hide when Abhishek arrive there. Vidya asks Karthik to go and assures that she will get the agreement.

Karthik leaves. The next morning, in the court, Karthik and Suryaprakash wait for Vidya and ask few hours extension. Vidya reaches the court, bit stops seeing Vedavalli waiting in the car. As Vidya doesn’t reach, the judge declares Manasa culprit and announces her sentence.

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