Vidya No 1: Deepa prevents Preethi from exposing Chandramohan’s plan in front of Vedavalli

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Zee Tamil’s popular show, Vidya No1, is gearing up for drama with Chandramohan arranging an artist to act as Vidya’s mother.

Previously, it was seen that as Vedavalli and Preethi was asking Vidya about her family, Deepa made her entry. Sanjay told to a confused Vidya that it was Chandramohan’s arrangement. Deepa beat Manasa misunderstanding her for Vidya.

Chandramohan regrets not sending Vidya’s photo to her. Deepa realized her mistake when Vedavalli stopped her and asked why she’s beating her daughter. Deepa managed the situation by saying that she didn’t want to directly talk or touch Vidya whom got married without telling her.

She created a scene. She got adamant to stay at Vedavalli’s house to make sure that Vidya would be safe in that house. Preethi refused, but Chandramohan tried to convince Vedavalli to let her to stay in their house to confirm that Vidya was happy here. Vedavalli had to agree without any option.

In today’s episode, it was seen that Preethi recorded the video of Chandramohan, his gang and Deepa discussing about Deepa acting as Vidya’s mom. Manasa notices Preethi and alerts everyone. Preethi entered Vedavalli’s room before anyone could stop her.

Deepa went after Preethi. Deepa prevented Preethi from talking to Vedavalli and spoiled her plan. Later, Vidya mocked Preethi. Sanjay decided to celebrate Deepa’s birthday as she insisted to celebrate it. Vidya didn’t like it.

How will Vidya can win Vedavalli’s heart? What will Preethi do the next time to expose Chandramohan’s lie?

How will Deepa act as Vidya’s mom?

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