Vidya No 1: Manikam plans to kidnap Sanjay to teach a lesson to Vedavalli

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Zee Tamil’s popular show, Vidya No1, is gearing up for drama with Preethi plotting against Vidya using her dad, Manikam.


Previously, it was seen that Preethi cunningly instigated Manikam against Vedavalli by lying that Vedavalli got Vidya married to Sanjay and torture her to take revenge on Manikam. The latter believed this and stormed into Vedavalli’s house with a weapon. He asked to call Vidya.

Vedavalli’s sister told him that Vidya wasn’t in this house. Vidya was watching this from the balcony. Manikam refused to believe and tried to forcibly go upstairs to find Vidya. Sanjay and everyone tried to stop him.

Vedavalli arrived there with her gun. She asked Manikam why he was creating a scene here to which Manikam accused Vedavalli of getting Vidya married to Sanjay and torturing Vidya. Vedavalli denied it. But Manikam refused to believe her. He was determined to find Vidya and take her along with him. Vidya grew worried about the truth getting exposed while Preethi silently smirked.

In the upcoming episode it is seen that Vedavalli throws Manikam again out of the house. But Manikam return to Vedavalli’s house in the night with some men with the intention to find Vidya. He searches in a room for Vidya.

He doesn’t find her, so he is about to leave, but stops seeing his wife photo under the cushion. He confirms that Vidya was in that house and thinks that Vedavalli hide Vidya somewhere else after he created a scene here. He plans to kidnap Sanjay to teach Vedavalli a lesson and make her realize his pain of being away from his daughter.

Will Preethi’s plan work?

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