Vidya No 1: Preethi to expose Vidya’s real identity to Vedavalli?

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Zee Tamil’s popular show, Vidya No1, is gearing up for drama with Vidya proving Manasa’s innocence.

Previously, it was seen that Preethi was shocked to learn that Vani is Vidya. The latter said to the judge that Abhishek didn’t attempt suicide. Vidya showed a video recording in which a drunk Abhishek had confessed that he faked a suicide attempt and had admitted forcing Manasa to sign the agreement.

The judge declared Manasa innocent and gave a six months sentence to Abhishek. The judge praised Manasa’s advocate to reveal the truth. The advocate gave the credit to Vidya. The judge appreciated Vidya.

Preethi recorded the video of Vidya to prove to Vedavalli that Vani is Vidya. Meanwhile a lawyer told Vedavalli what happened inside. Preethi’s phone fell down and Abhishek takes Preethi out hurriedly as a culprit created a chaos there.

Vedavalli glared at Preethi and Abhishek and drove off. Later, Chandramohan scolded Vedavalli for trusting Abhishek and Preethi rather than trusting Manasa and blamed Vedavalli for whatever. He lashed out at Vedavalli for trying to controll their children’s life.

In today’s episode, it’s seen that Preethi takes Abhishek to Vedavalli and asks her to punish him. Sanjay and Vijay trash Abhishek for trying to ruin Manasa’s life and accusing her falsely. Preethi gets Vedavalli’s gun and asks Vedavalli to shoot Abhishek.

Chandramohan takes the gun and shoots Abhishek. The latter gets shot in his arm. Preethi apologizes to Vedavalli and lies that she wasn’t aware of Abhishek’s act. She asks not call off her and Sanjay’s wedding because of her brother’s mistake.

Chandramohan says that Preethi’s family is a fraud and urges Preethi to leave as Sanjay and Preethi marriage won’t take place hereafter. However Vedavalli stops Preethi and says that Preethi brought her brother to her instead of running away with him.

She is courageous like her. She says that Preethi and Sanjay marriage happen at any cost. Later Preethi goes to the court and finds her phone. The next day Preethi arrives at Vedavalli’s house with the Video proof to prove Vani is Vidya in front of Vedavalli.

Will Preethi be able to successful in her intention?

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