Vidya No 1: Singing competition between fake Vidya and Preethi

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Zee Tamil’s popular show, Vidya No1, is gearing up for drama with Suryaprakash suggesting having a competition between Vidya and Preethi to decide who is better.

Previously, it was seen that Preethi saw on live Fake Vidya and Sanjay dancing in the mehndi ceremony. She managed to get out of the room and arrived there. A furious Preethi complained to Vedavalli that Vidya locked her inside the room and came in her place covering her face.

She triest to slap Vidya, but the latter moved away and Preethi slapped her mom. Vedavalli asked her guards to throw Vidya out of the house. Just then, Suryaprakash arrived there and warned the guards not to touch Vidya.

Suryaprakash demanded Vedavalli to call off Sanjay and Preethi wedding and get Vidya married the Sanjay. He asked how Preethi is better than Vidya. Vedavalli said that Vidya was uneducated. Suryaprakash suggested having a competition between fake Vidya and Preethi to know who was better and surprisingly Chnadramohan supported Preethi.

In today’s episode, it’s seen that Preethi and fake Vidya get ready for musical competition. Preethi sits with veena. She sings a carnatic song and everyone starts to feel sleeepy. Every gets enthusiastic and dances when Vidya sings.

Sanjay starts to dance with Vidya which angers Vedavalli. Vedavalli stops Sanjay from dancing and scolds him for dancing with Vidya and that too in front of her. Sanjay says that he got excited by hearing the song.

Suryaprakash and Preethi argue who won the singingcompetition. Everyone gets scared at seeing a snake inside the house. The snake goes near Vedavalli. Preethi runs away without saving Vedavalli, but Vidya saves Vedavalli from the snake. However Vedavalli still wants Preethi to become her daughter-in-law.

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