Vidya No 1: Vedavalli goes missing

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Zee Tamil’s popular show, Vidya No1, is gearing up for drama with Vedavalli and chandramohan arguing.

Previously, it was seen that Vedavalli introduced Preethi as her business heir to the board of directors. They were surprised with Vedavalli’s decision and question it which angers Vedavalli. Meanwhile, in the house, Chandramohan arranged for Sanjay and Vidya’s wedding night.

Sanjay and Vidya refused to celebrate their wedding night when Vedavalli didn’t accept their wedding. However Chandramohan ordered them to get ready. They obliged without any option. Preethi’s mom inform this to Preethi.

Preethi informed this to Vedavalli. The latter got furious and immediately reaches home. She called out Sanjay and scolded him. She asked if he loves Vidya so he got ready for first night immediately. Sanjay denied it. Chandramohan and Vedavalli had a heated argument over this.

In today’s episode, it’s seen that as Chandromohan was adamant that Sanjay and Vidya should celebrate their first night despite Vedavalli’s refusal. Vedavalli decided to leave the house.

Chnadramohan didn’t budge and asked Vedavalli to leave shocking everyone. Vedavalli left the house. However, Chandromohan didn’t bother about it and asked Vidya and Sanjay to get ready for their first wedding night. Preethi taunted Sanjay for giving more importance to Vidya than Vedavalli.

Sanjay blamed Preethi for what’s happening. Preethi blamed Sanjay and left. As everyone is worried about Vidya, Chandramohan stayed calm.

They all got shocked when the inspector called and said that Vedavalli’s car was parked in beach and she wasn’t not in the car and they found a body by that side. They all rush there and cries hard. The inspector asked them to identify the body.

What will happen next? What will Vidya do now ? Will Vidya be able to expose Preethi’s truth in front of Vedavalli?

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