Vidya No 1: Vedavalli shocking decision!

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how Vidya No1 is gearing up for drama with Vedavalli getting a shock of her life when Manasa and Karthik return home as a married couple.

Previously, it was seen that Preethi, Abhishek and their mom questioned Vidya about Manasa and Karthik’s whereabouts as they strongly believed that Vidya knows it. Sanjay tried to defend Vidya. Abhishek questioned Sanjay about supporting a maid.

Vedavalli begged Vidya to tell if she knows anything about Manasa. Just then Manasa and Karthik arrived home. Vedavalli, Sanjay and the rest of the family were shocked to see Manasa and Karthik in married attire. Sanjay and Vijay beat Karthi. Mansa stopped them. Vedavalli slapped Manasa.

In today’s episode, it was seen that Vedavalli cut all ties with Manasa. She asked Karthik to take the property and money and to get out. Manasa and Karthik sought only Vedavalli’s blessings. Manasa was about to reveal that Karthik saved her. But Abhishek interrupted them. He accused Karthik and Manasa for defaming him.

Vedavalli also supported Abhishek. Manasa requested Vedavalli to bless her. But Vedavalli refused stating that they were a stranger for them. Sanjay decided to call police when Karthik and Abhishek fought. Manasa defended Karthik. Vedavalli asked Manasa to get out.

Chandramohan asked Manasa to stay back. Chandramohan decided to go along with Manasa. But Vedavalli asked Chandramohan to remove the nuptial chain that he had tied around her neck before leaving. Chandramohan was shocked to hear this and stayed back.

Manasa gave the jewellery and walked out holding Karthik’s hand. Preethi’s mother urged Vedavalli to get Sanjay and Preethi married immediately as she didn’t trust Sanjay anymore. Vedavalli gave Sanjay the nuptial threat and asked him to marry Preethi immediately. Sanjay and Vidya are shocked to hear this.

What will happen next? What will Sanjay do?

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