Vidya No 1: Vidya lands in trouble due to Sanjay’s mistake

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Zee Tamil’s popular show, Vidya No1, is gearing up for drama with Vedavalli gives Vidya a responsibility.


Previously, it was seen that Vidya convinced Manikam that she wasn’t married yet. Manikam got happy. He asked Vidya to promise to take revenge on Vedavalli’s family. Vidya did without any option. Manikam leaves. Vedavalli arrived. She cried hugging Sanjay.

She asked where Manikam was. Chandramohan said that Vidya had came and cleared the confusion and took him with her. Later, Vedavalli noticed that the nuptial thread was missing from Vidya’s neck and questioned Vidya about it. Vidya grew anxious.

Preethi also urged Vidya to answer. Chandramohan saved Vidya by lying that her nuptial chain cut off getting stuck in a tree branch. Sanjay made Vidya wear the nuptial threat in front of Vedavalli.

Preethi watched it fuming as her plan backfired on her. Later Vedavalli handed Vidya the responsibility to prepare the lunch for the minister. Vidya was shocked when she received a call from Sanjay that he had met with an accident.

In the upcoming episode it is seen that Vidya rushes to see Sanjay without informing anyone in the house. Manasa and Chandramohan grow worried as time is running and lunch isn’t prepared yet. Meanwhile, Vidya reaches the spot. She’s shocked to be received by kids who offers her rose, chocolate and a kiss in the cheek.

She looks for Sanjay and gets confused at seeing the decorations in the park. Suddenly Sanjay appears. He gets on his knees and proposes Vidya. The latter slaps shocking Sanjay. Vidya scolds Sanjay for lying about his accident. She further says about Vedavalli asking her to prepare the lunch for the minister.

Sanj and apologizes to Vidya. Sanjay and Vidya try to reach home fast, but they get stuck in traffic. There, Chandramohan orders the food from the hotel as the Minister arrived home, but the food is on the way. Manasa spills that food isn’t ready when Vedavalli questions about Vidya and lunch.

What will happen next?

How will Vidya get out of this situation? How will Vedavalli react in this situation?

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