Vidya No 1: Vidya loses the chance to win Vedavalli’s heart because of Sanjay

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Vidya loses the chance to win Vedavalli’s heart because of SanjayZee Tamil’s popular show, Vidya No1, is gearing up for drama with Vedavalli gives Vidya a responsibility.


Previously, it was seen that Vidya rushed to see Sanjay without informing anyone in the house. Manasa and Chandramohan grew worried as time is running and lunch wasn’t prepared yet. Meanwhile, Vidya reached the spot.

She was shocked to be received by kids who offered her rose, chocolate and a kiss in the cheek. She looked for Sanjay and got confused at seeing the decorations in the park.

Suddenly Sanjay appeared in front of Vidya. He got on his knees and proposed Vidya. The latter slapped, shocking Sanjay. Vidya scolded Sanjay for lying about his accident. She further said about Vedavalli asking her to prepare the lunch for the minister.

Sanj and apologized to Vidya. Sanjay and Vidya tried to reach home fast, but they got stuck in traffic. There, Chandramohan ordered the food from the hotel as the Minister arrived home, but the food was on the way. Manasa spilled that food wasn’t ready when Vedavalli questioned about Vidya and lunch.

In the upcoming episode it is seen that Vedavalli becomes furious when she learns that Vidya went somewhere leaving the cooking in between. She apologizes to the minister for not being able to serve him food by saying the real reason. The ministers taunts Vedavalli at seeing Chandramohan receives the food parcels from the delivery boy.

Later, Sanjay brings Vidya home. A furious Vedavalli slaps Vidya and regrets trusting Vidya and giving her an responsibility to her. Sanjay tries to tell the truth, but Vidya stops Sanjay.

Vedavalli refuses to never accept Vidya as her daughter-in-law after what happened. Vidya gets dejected and decides to leave the house. But Sanjay stops Vidya and promises Vidya to make Vedavalli accept her within a day.

What will happen next? What will Sanjay do? Can she keep his promise?

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