Vidya No 1: Vidya wins Vedavalli’s heart

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Zee Tamizh’s popular show Vidya no 1 is gearing up for more drama with Vedavalli making Vidya the chairman of the college for one day.


In the previous episode it was seen that a girl student complained to Vidya about a teacher abusing her. Vidya called that teacher and enquired him. The teacher denied the allegation and blamed the student. Vidya slapped him multiple times. The teacher confessed his crime at last.

Vidya dragged him outside the college and exposed him in front of the media. Meanwhile, Preethi tried to instigate Vedavalli against Vidya by twisting the story. However, on the TV channel Vidya got praised for her act. The family was happy to see this while Vedavalli silently watched this

In today’s episode it was seen that Sanjay got lunch for Vidya. He praised Vidya and told that everyone in the family including Vedavalli were watching what was happening in the college live. He assured Vidya that Vedavalli was also got impressed by Vidya’s action,but she didn’t accept it openly.

He served lunch for Vidya in front of Preethi who burned with jealousy. Sanjay mocked Preethi. Vidya learned about the students protesting. She went to see what was happening. Vedavalli and the family were watching this live on the TV.

Vidya listened to the students complained and fulfilled their request by giving her approval to create an union for the students. As the college working day got over. Vidya had to resign her one day chairman post. The staff and the professors praised Vidya.

Vidya got a grand welcome at home. Vedavalli accepted Vidya as her daughter-in-law in front of Satya which shocked Preethi and her mom. Vidya, Sanjay and the family were elated to hear this.

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