Vidya No 1: Will Sanjay reveal the truth to Manikam

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Zee Tamil’s popular show, Vidya No1, is gearing up for drama with Manikam kidnapping Sanjay.


Previously, it was seen that Preethi bribed a man and asked to lie to Manikam that Vedavalli got Vidya married to her son, Sanjay, who was obedient to Vedavalli in order to torture her to get revenge on him. Manikam believed this and entered into Vedavalli’s house and created a scene.

Vedavalli had to call the police and threw him out. So later, Manikam sneaked into Vedavalli’s house to find Vidya. As he didn’t find her, he decided to kidnap Sanjay. Manikam and his men searched for Sanjay’s room. After lot of efforts, Manikam found Sanjay’s room. He made Sanjay unconscious and kidnapped him.

Manikam put an unconscious Sanjay in the auto and drove off and at the moment Vidya’s also was shown in an auto. Both of their auto passed each other side. However Vidya failed, to see Manikam taking an unconscious Sanjay, Manikam also failed to see Vidya.

In the upcoming episode it is seen that Sanjay was shocked to know that Manikam was his abductor. He asked him the reason for kidnapping him. Manikam revealed that he did to teach a lesson to Vedavalli.

He accused Sanjay of acting as Vedavalli’s puppet and marrying Vidya just to torture her to take revenge on him. Sanjay was about to reveal the truth.

What will happen next? How will Vedavalli react after knowing about Sanjay’s kidnapping?

Will Preethi is plan using Manikam to expose Vani is Vidya and force Vedavalli to throw her out will work?

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