Vidya Written Update 11th November 2019: Nanku frames Vivek in fake charges turning the tables around

The episode starts with Vidya lost in her thoughts about Nanku and she hears Krishna’s advice in tv series and gets confused. Vivek sees Ranjhana all free and Nanku feeding her and Inspector also having food brought by Nanku. He gets shocked and asks Inspector of the same. He speaks in the favour of Nanku and says that she can’t be proved criminal until charge sheet is filed. Vivek asks him to file the charge sheet but he denies saying that he doesn’t have enough clues.

Chief comes and says that Nanku has filed a complaint against him saying that he has asked bribe from him and when he denied to give he framed false accusations on him. Vivek gets shocked hearing it and says that it’s not true. Minister asks him to prove that he’s right as he himself is shocked by the complaint. He says that he’s very well aware of his sincerity and asks him to prove himself right.

Vidya is leaving for school when Jagat comes with hid men shocking then. Vivek reads the charge sheet end and gets shocked while Nanku smirks. Vivek asks Inspector that why did he write that Nanku’s mother got hurt because of slipping. He blames Inspector for faking charge sheet taking monet from Nanku. Inspector says that it’s not true while Vivek recalls seeing real charge sheet yesterday. Inspector scolds Vivek for framing him wrong. Munni comes with her mother to the police station.

Vivek asks Munni’s mother to say the truth and she stands hesitant. Munni’s mother lies that Nanku’s mother got hurt as she got slipped shocking Vivek. She blames Vivek for falsely framing Nanku Singh and says that he has hired her to give statement against Nanku and her sister. She says that he promised to give some money which he gets has bribe from Nanku and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t oblige. Vivek blames Nanku for all this and asks Chief about Munni. He says that Munni got discharged today and asks why isn’t she here.

Jagat opens the gas cylinder and asks Vidya to give statement against Vivek going to police station. He says that within ten minutes if she doesn’t give her statement then they will be blasted. Munni also comes there and everyone begs her to do as he says. Vivek says that he has threatened Munni’s mother to give statement against him and says that he would have definitely abducted her to threaten her mother.

Munni’s mother says that Munni is at home and asks him to let her go. He agrees and she leaves with a last glance to Vivek.
Vidya prays to God that she can’t risk Vivek ji’s life and asks her to show a way for her. Chief asks for Vidya and Vivek says that she will come. Vidya hears Pandit’s words about truth and decides to follow the right. She sees Nanku’s wife and daughter passing by

Precap : Vidya threatens to jump from the railing with Nanku’s daughter if she doesn’t call Nanku Singh now.