Vidya Written Update 12th November 2019: Nanku bribes Chief and succeeds in suspending Vivek despite Vidya’s efforts.

The episode starts with Vidya coming to Nanku House and apologizes Kalandi in advance for what she’s about to do. Kalandi gets confused. Nanku badmouths his relationship with Vidya. Vivek gets furious and warns Nanku Singh. Ranjhana blames Vivek of fake molestation and says that he disguised as Prem Pratap banaraswale and tries misbehaving with her. Santosh gives her statement against Vivek too while Ranjhana acts innocent. Nanku says that Vivek first tried defaming his family and now hss filed fake case against him. Chief asks if he wants to say something as they keep complaint after complaint after him and is also providing evidence against him. Vivek says no and says that let them say how much ever they want but Vidya ji will clear everything for him. Chief asks for Vidya..

Vidya runs taking Bitiyarani and stands in  the railing. Kalandi asks her to give her baby. Vidya denies giving and Kalandi asks what did her daughter has anything to do with her father’s deeds. Vidya says that even after knowing everything she’s keeping quite. She says that her husband did so much cried and her sister in law tried to kill her own mother and is now forcing her to lie keeping her family hostage. She says that now she’s doing what she has done to them. Kalandi says that she will do whatever she asks her to. Vidya asks her to call Nanku. He calls her and Kalandi says what happened to him. He gets shocked and puts it on speaker. Nanku asks her to not cut the call and agrees to do what she asks him to. He calls Jagat and informs him to leave leaving Vidya family. Her family gets confused seeing them leave. He tears off the fake charge sheets. He accepts all his mistakes. Kalandi asks her to leave her daughter as everything is fulfilled. She asks to speak with Vivek Singh. He takes the phone and informs her that everything is fine now. Vidya apologizes Kalandi as she’s helpless and couldn’t do anything else to prove Vivek ji. She leaves and Nanku men are about to follow her but Kalandi stops them.

Vidya comes to station and apologizes for her behaviour and says that she doesn’t have any other option. She says that she has proved all of Nanku truth. Nanku offers to bribe 1 crore for him and asks him to take the case on their favour. Vivek gets furious and asks to get the charge sheet. Nanku brainwashes chief with money and asks him to have a case on him but leave his sister. Chief agrees to his deal and tears off the original charge sheet shocking Vivek and Vidya. Nanku smiles for hie victory and Vivek charges at Chief for selling his morals. Vivek gets furious and attacks him and blames him for the reason for the downfall of the country. Police arrests him and the chief suspends him with immediate action. Nanku leaves victoriously.

Precap: Nanku once again troubles Vidya in school.