Vidya Written Update 13th November 2019: Nanku decides to trap Vidya

The episode starts with Nanku leaving happily with his sister. He taunts Vivek saying that money is everything these days. He says to Vidya that he will deal with her in school. Vivek looks furious at him. Vidya looks helpless at Vivek. Nanku takes Aarti of Ranjhana and celebrates her return by firing bullets. Nanku praises Ranjhana and scolds Kalandi for letting Vidya take away baby. He calls her useless to be a thakurain. Nanku asks what she wants from him.

Vivek is standing upset near the pond and Vidya comes there. She calls him and he says that she has done so much which no one can think about doing. He says there will be a commission against him and if he he’s proved guilty then he will be punished. He says that he hates people who lies and cheats him. Vidya thinks that she’s feeling terrible for lying about her being English teacher to him. She thinks that she will herself reveal her truth to him if she couldn’t pass the fifteen days challenge.

Vivek says that if Nanku’s mother gains consciousness then it could help them. Vidya says that Durga maa will protect them. He asks her to take care as he’s now not the DM of azaadganjh and she asks if he’s going back and will not come back. Vivek looks surprised at her. He says that he will do his duty even if he’s at work or not. Ranjhana performs Bhai dooj ritual for her brother. Nanku and his sister share an emotional moment and Ranjhana says that she wants him to be the king and God of Dev ghat. Nanku gets his head position back and they gets happy. Ranjhana asks why did she suspend him and not transfer him. He says that he wants to take revenge from him for Vidya slapping him and turning his own mother against him. He says that he jailed his sweet sister and says that he will send him away not from Azadganjh but from the world.

Vivek packs his things and swears to defeat Nanku and his gang. He says that he belongs to a country where people fought with Britishers for freedom and he will definitely fight this war against Nanku. In the meantime Nanku says that he will send Vivek to a place where he couldn’t return back at all. Ranjhana asks about Amma regaining consciousness. He says that he will kill Amma if needed.

Avtaar Singh asks Vidya how is she going to manage Nanku Singh. Vidya says that being with Nanku her fear died down. She promises that she will not ket anything happen to Devgad or Vivek ji. Avtaar says that even Vivek can’t do anything now.

Vidya comes to school to find students praying but Tripathi sends them away. He taunts Vidya and Vidya answers him back and asks the students to continue. She does as Vivek did irking others. Other badmouth Vivek but Vidya supports Vivek and says that she’ll be with him forever.

Precap : Nanku announces leave for school and asks Vidya to give English welcome speech for the guests.