Vidya Written Update 14th November 2019: Nanku out smarts Vidya and Vivek

The episode starts with students wishing Vidya when she entered. She gets happy with it and gifts sweets for their wish. A student gifts her sweets back. Vidya is about to teach sentences when they hear school bell. The students run out. Vidya comes out to see Jagat ringing the bell and Nanku seated outside. He says bad about Vivek Vardhan Singh and says that it’s all a lie. He says that he’s again the head of the village and announces two days leave for school. Everyone gets confused it. He asks the kids to enjoy without studying.

Nanku says that he’s announcing holidays as its his sister’s birthday and he has planned to celebrate it in this school. He says that it will take place at the same school where he lost his respect. He informs that whoever tries spoiling it will see the worst side of him. He allots various works to everyone. He then asks Vidya to welcome the guests with a speech in English as that’s what his sister wanted. She denies saying that she will not do as she’s here to teach the kids. Ranjhana warns her that she’ll lose her job if she denies and she asks them to do whatever they want. She turns around to finds kids requesting her to say and Nanku asks her to leave her arrogance for the kids. He asks her to either give the speech or leave the school.

Vidya agrees without an option. He announces that during children’s day his sister’s birthday will be celebrated in the school. He asks the kids to work too and have food and leave. Vivek says that this is the best way to expose Nanku Singh. He says that he’ll record this and will not send to system but will upload in all social media and expose Nanku. Avtaar and other fear but Vidya and Vivek decides to be brave.

In the meantime Nanku says his sister about the real reason for the celebration. He has planned to do something terrible with Vivek and Vidya. Kalandi hears it and gets shocked. Vivek gets his mother’s call and Vidya comes back. He immediately turns and apologizes. He asks everyone to be ready.

Kalandi fears about what they are going to do. She wishes to stop it somehow and prays God to show her some way. Amma ji wakes up and Kalandi gets happy. She asks what happened how did she reach here. She’s about to explain when she hears Nanku voice. She immediately asks her to keep quite as if Nanku gets to know that she gained conscious then he’ll kill her. She asks her to pretend unconscious. She pretends unconscious and Nanku comes there. He asks why’s she worried and says that Maa will be alright soon. He leaves and Kalandi explains whatever happened to her. Amma cries hearing that both are kids are criminal. Nanku comes there shocking them and praises for their acting.

Precap : Vivek records Nanku bringing drinks to school and Shows it to Vidya.