Vidya Written Update 15th November 2019: Vidya fears for Vivek’s life

The episode starts with Nanku knowing about Amma’s return. He asks how could she go against her own son. She says that Ranjhana tried to kill her for saving him. Amma says that he’ll get punished for sure and she will definitely do it. Nanku gets furious and starts throttling her neck.

Kalandi tries stopping him but he doesn’t listen. Kalandi begs Ranjhana to stop him but she too just watches smiling. Kalandi begs falling on his feet and he leaves after torturing her. Kalandi gives her water. Nanku says that a small medicine can do the work and asks her to not double cross him. He asks Jagat to make sure that none enters or leaves the house without his permission until the school problem gets cleared. He asks Kalandi to make his mother understand and leaves.

Vidya is worried about her English speech to Avtaar Singh. Avtaar teaches her to welcome in English and Vidya learns it. He asks her to be careful as its the only way to prove Vivek innocent. Vivek records men bringing drinks and speakers for the next day’s celebration.

Vidya’s brother comes home for enquiring about her salary. He asks Vidya didn’t she get her salary and she says that it’s managed by her her father in law. Dharma scolds them and says that for two months they didn’t credit salary and they decides to enquire about it.

Vidya comes to Vivek and asks why did he call him. Vivek says that they need to video record all the happenings of the party. He shows her his video recording and Vidya gets shocked. She says that how can they do this in a holy place like school. Vivek says that not only drinks but also dancers. He asks her to let children do their work as it’s needed for plan. He’s about to hold Vidya but stops in middle remembering her words.
Vivek is about to hit a man but stops at the right time. He gets down and scolds him and he shoots Vivek. It turns out to be a dream of Vidya and she panics. She gets terrified by her dream. She thinks that she got the dream in the morning and it’s said that morning dream can come true. She prays to not let it happen.

Vivek cones to Vidya house and asks why did they call him. Vidya is seen praying and Vivek comes there and sits behind her. She prays Durga Maa to keep Vivek ji safe aa he is a very good person. She asks her to take care of him as he has done so much for the place. Vivek smiles hearing it. She turns back to find him. Vivek asks what happened. She says that she can’t help him as she got an early morning dream of him getting shot. Vivek asks is she joking and says that he doesn’t care about his life. Vidya says that it seems some sign of something terrible and asks him to believe her

Precap: Vivek asks Vidya why is she caring so much for him as there’s nothing between them. Avtaar wonders to Vivek that what’s the need to celebrate birthday in school and there’s definitely some reason behind it. Vivek gets shocked.