Vidya Written Update 18th November 2019: Vidya and Vivek have a clash

The episode starts with Vivek saying that he doesn’t believe in all this. He says that only few hours are left for them to expose Nanku Singh and she shouldn’t worry about all this. Vidya asks him to understand but Vivek doesn’t listen. He says that for him his duty is more important than his life and what ot os to her even if something happens to him.

He says that he doesn’t care about all that. Vidya says that it’s true he doesn’t care about whatever happens to him,it’s just others who are going to suffer is loss. She says that she got married happily and her husband left for army the same day and returned back as dead body. All her happiness, all her dreams everything vanished in seconds. Vivek gets shocked with the information. Terrorists enter the place with guns in their hands.

Police checks the gate and the truck containing terrorists get caught. The driver is about open but the inspector stops him and sends the constable back. He calls Nanku Singh and informs that he has cleared the way for his vehicle. Nanku gets happy. Vidya says Vivek that he has a mom who cares for her and asks him to think about her. Vivek says enough. He says that he doesn’t want her to involve his family here. If she doesn’t want to help then no need to help. He says that before knowing her he himself did his work and will do the same even now. He doesn’t need her help in anything and is about to leave. Vidya says that today he proved there’s nothing called friendship between them and asks him to do as he wish and leaves.

Vidya is going when the same truck is about to hit her as the driver is on call. Vivek saves Vidya on time. Vivek asks what are you doing abd what if something happens to you? Vidya asks why are you worried and removes her hands from his . Vivek says that she dreamt of his life and is now risking her own life. Vidya asks why does he care and says that his work will be done. Vivek scolds the driver for not driving carefully.

Vidya prays for Meher and Sarabjit to bless them with her blessings. She goes to school to finds drinks getting served. Avtaar Singh meets Vidya’s brother and Avtaar wonders that if Nanku wants to celebrate his sister’s birthday then why does he keep it in school and not somewhere else.

Nanku says that this village belongs to him and so is the people of the village. He pronounces himself as a king. Vidya says that if he’s a king then he wouldn’t make the kids work on children’s day. She says that you are that king who lives on the misery of the people. She says that Durga maiyya will definitely punish him. He says that he doesn’t care about all the sins and all. He warns her that even Vivek is not with her. He reminds her to welcome the guests in English and not in Hindi. He asks her to go and do her work and smirks seeing her.

Precap : Nanku waits for Vivek. Vivek comes disguised and says that Vidya knows him. Vidya who isn’t aware of Vivek ji plan denies knowing him.