Vihaan makes his shocking entry at VR mansion: Ishq Mein Marjawan?

High voltage drama ahead in Ishq Mein Marjawan.

In the show so far it is seen, Riddhima decides to arrange money soon. She looks for a way to fetch 50Lakhs to secure the deal with Vihaan. Riddhima somehow manages to get 48Lakhs rupee. Vihaan asks Riddhima for the full payment. Ridhima give Vansh’s watch to Vihaan. Ahead, Kabir learns from Aryan that Riddima went out with a bag and he felt she is on some mission.

Kabir reaches Vihaan’s place. He gate crash his house to expose Riddhima and Vihaan. But Vihaan at the nick of the time, disguise old man and tricks Kabir.

Further, Riddhima asks Vihaan to sign the contract. Vihaan says she too have to add his terms and conditions too in the contract. Riddhima final her deal with Vihaan.

It was also seen that, Kabir in front of Riddhima destroyed all proves against Vansh. He says to Riddhima no use of her drama because Vansh is no more. Riddhima replies to Kabir that Vansh will get peace in heaven seeing this. She further thinks for the upcoming game it was needed. Riddhima miss Vansh and gets teary.

Now in the upcoming episode, Riddhima will make a call to Vihaan. She will ask him to reach on time. Further, Riddhima goes to Vihaan’s place and will find him missing. She will think that Vihaan took away her money. She will go back to marry Kabir. While, taking the wedding rounds Riddhima will decide to consume poison instead of marrying Kabir. At the same time, Vansh will make his entry in the house and will interrupt the wedding. Keep watching the show mon-sat on Colors channel.

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