Vish :- Alia and Sabrina to trap Katrina

Colors TV popular show “Vish” is getting more engaging with the passing time. The makers are not leaving any area unexplored to keep the audience hooked to the show. Fantasy or supernatural content is the king of TV nowadays. Any good and interesting show with some unique and unbelievable creatures can make the audience be the loyal viewers of your show. The trend is too much popular in the show now a day and of course, a readymade hit formula for the makers. Well coming to Vish, the family members of Mohit is already aware of the presence of a poisonous lady in their house and now their quest is to find out the living threat of their lives among them.

In the previous episode of the daily, viewers have witnessed a huge fight to take place between Sabrina and Katrina regarding the quest special mark human. Katrina reveals that even though she is in search of such a person to become immortal. Sabrina was being seen challenging Katrina about the same. Here are Aliya and Aditya came closer with passing time. In tonight’s episode, things will take a turn with Aliya and Sabina will join hands to trap Katrina. The upcoming story will bring some nail-biting thriller and suspense in the story. Aliya and Maria will put a bowl of milk and rice below a cage. They made up a story of the priest asking for rice graham earlier to Katrina.

Later on, Katrina will get shocked to find the bowl of milk missing and she will get trapped. Here Mohit will wake up and looks fit and fine. Aditya will get relieved and ecstatic to see him like before. Later on, he will enquire him about the person responsible for it, Mohit took Sabrina’s name. For more updates keep watching this space.