Vish Colors :- Vishaili to challenge Vishera

Colors TV supernatural flick titled Vish is all set to take the story forward with exploring the past events of Sabrina’s life in an upcoming episode of the serial. With the arrival of Vishera the mortal enemy of Vishaili.

Vishaili was seen to go to the devoted lords place to get some direction about how to tackle Vishera as currently he is more powerful in terms of power from Vishaili and Vishaila. Well Vishaila got worried to know that Vishera is back and he is not yet recovered fully.

Sabrina also take a journey down the memory lane like how she got in the world of murder killing and crimes. There was a time she used to be happy with her lover until the day Vishera caughts her and torture her in a quest to take the control of all her powers.

On the other hand, Mohit is worried for his life. As Sabrina came and told Mohit in hospital that if he dares to tell her truth to anybody then she will kill that person as well. In tonight’s episode the regular audience of the show will get to see that Vishaili will challenge Vishera and told him to come and meet her at Vishlok and she will see him there.

On the other hand, Aliya with confusion in mind about the connection between her father and Siddharth’s death and Mohit sir state took a decision. She will go to the Shiva statue and takes some “Shiva Bhabhoot” with herself and proceeds towards bed.

Well the equation between Aliya and the Kothari family is changing as unknowingly she is getting attached to the family members and their internal matters.

Well let us have to see that will Vishera be able to locate Vishaili and can get successful in his strategy? Only time will give the answer of this question.