Vish; Sabrina and Aditya to have a hit and miss


Colors newly launched supernatural show Vish is getting more interesting with each passing day. The story is about a crossbreed creature of the snake and human and her lover who are together from more than a decade now. Sabrina who is also Vishaili is searching for a body and a person with a Vishkath mark so that she can give life to her lover Vishera. On the parallel world, Aliya who is a doctor can sense a negative intuition to be terribly wrong around Sabrina and Mohit. On the other hand, Aditya Kothari who is a businessman is being very upset to see his brother Mohit in such a state.

In the last episode, the viewers were able to know the backdrop of Sabrina being in Kothari house. It was shown that Mohit, her husband is aware of her real nature. Sabrina is the reason for his current state now whereas Sabrina admitted that she became Mrs.Kothari to have a free flow of power and money. She again bites him and made sure that he is not able to speak or do anything again.

On the other hand, Aliya approaches Aditya after getting a hint from Mohit but Aditya in his arrogance asks her to do the craziest stuff. Aliyarefused to act as per his whims and replied you
pay me for my services but has no authority on me and left. In today’s episode theaudience will get
to see Vishera will give some signs to Sabrina to give her some indication. On the other hand, Aliya
will end up in Aditya’s car and he drives it menacingly to scare her. Meanwhile, Sabrina entered the
party area but misses the mark on Aditya’s body. Later on, with her superpowers, she destroys the
place where Aditya arranged the party for Siddharth.

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