Vish :- Sabrina is out find the “mark”

Colors TV latest offering Vish has a really gripping an interesting story line to hook the audience to their seat. The storyline is quite similar to the famous supernatural series by Ekta Kapoor Naagin and also the former show on the very slot named as Vish ya Amrit Sitara.

Nevertheless the concept of cross breed is new  and unique to be a Indian television content. In the last episode of the show the audience had seen Sabrina who is a poisonous lady in real is looking for a body for her lover to keep him alive. Aliya who is the caretaker of Mohit Sir and also a doctor suspected Sabrina and followed her.

Tonight in the latest episode of the show the audience will get to see Aliya will try our best to find out the reasons behind Mohit was slipped from balcony. She will insist him to speak up about the real thing and also assures him of being aware of his helplessness.

After a lot of trials finally Mohit will respond to her efforts and whisper the name of “Vish” in her ears. On the other hand Sabrina who went for a power nap below the ice blanket locate a mark on sky given by Vishera. This is the mark of the Vishkath which is printed on a human body who can make some difference to the state of Sabrina’s life.

Vishaili will see the mark and got scared for a second thinking about it. In tonight’s episode she will be seen instructing Bhandari to look for the person with that mark and get back to her. Meanwhile, Aditya will decide to go for a party to keep the stress away and will dance with some girls when a mark.on his body gets highlighted.

Is Sabrina looking for Aditya Kothari? Or is it mere coincidence? Only time will tell the answers.