What is mysterious about Bhola?, Sikander’s alike: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, is witnessing high voltage drama with Bhola’s entry who is Sikander’s alike or he is the real Sikander, this twist is curiously fetching audience’s attention.

Show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala who is topping the TRP chart because of its fresh plot and different storyline is gearing up for another high voltage twist. The show has recently, seen few new entries to spice up the story. In the episodes, when Sikander started behaving weird with Kulfi, Kulfi started doubting him . Kulfi asked her friends to take her to the hospital where Sikander was admitted. Kulfi heard someone singing and gets happy that she is close to find real Sikander but one staff tells her about Bhola.

Otherside, Pakhi and Bhola’s bond is shown. Bhola is Sikander;s alike and he is more cheery and lively. Small girl Pakhi is possessive for Bhola. Nandini sees them from far and remembers how she saved Sikander and prayed a lot for him. Sikander is saved from such a big accident but when Nandini asked him about his details, Sikander remembers nothing. Nandini bring him to her house and his presence in the house made Pakhi to form strong bond with Sikander.

Now ahead in the story will see, Kulfi will feel some connection with Bhola while other side Pakhi will try her best to keep Sikander/Bhola away from Kulfi.

How Kulfi will reach Bhola and what she and friends will do to expose fake Sikander, it will be interesting to watch. So, don’t miss watching Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Mon-Fri 8:30pm on Star Plus.

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