What makes Beyhadh 2, the most Awaited show?

Ever since the makers of Sony TV’s popular daily soap Beyhadh had announced its season 2, the fans can’t seem to control their excitement. With the recent launch of the promo starring the gorgeous actress Jennifer Winget, who is playing the character of Maya again, the excitement has increased ten folds.
Seeing Maya again in the new promo caused goosebumps among fans. While season 1 of Beyhadh focused on Maya’s ‘Beyhadh Mohabbat’, this time the makers are coming up with yet another thrilling and captivating plot. Season 2 of Beyhadh will be based on Maya’s ‘Beyhadh Nafrat’.

While Maya of season 1 was a crazy and obsessive lover, This Maya could be downright deadly and dangerous for revenge. We can’t imagine what shades of Maya we will get to see in this season and judging by the promo, it will be equally thrilling and interesting as the first season. Maybe much more as Jennifer Winget is an amazing actress and will definitely work towards outshining her own performance.

Apart from Jennifer, Beyhadh 2 Main protagonists include one of the most handsome and talented actor Ashish Chaudhary and television’s young and dashing heartthrob Shivin Narang. Ashish is reportedly playing an elderly character in the show and love interest of Maya. When he dumps her, Maya will come back for her revenge. And as per our reports, Shivin would be playing the role of his son. This season will also be a love triangle revolving around the three main leads, although, the makers are still keeping things under wraps.

The show reportedly will air in mid-November and frankly, for fans November cannot come soon enough! Stay tuned for more updates.