What makes Krishna and Mugdha click really well on screen??

The couple of Prachi and Ranbir is winning the hearts of audiences in a very short span of time. The duo is currently seen together in the popular and longest-running show of Zee TV named, “Kumkum Bhagya” and after Abhi and Pragya these two are getting popular and acquiring places in the minds of young generations.

The onscreen chemistry of these two actors is so good that one can not stop but end up drooling on them. There are endless moments which made the audiences crave for their romantic sequences on screen. Starting with cute banters and endless fighting and arguments on small and silly things now both of them come to a point where Ranbir is in love with Prachi and he acknowledged this feeling of him.

While on the other hand, Prachi who is also in love with Ranbir is not getting enough courage to come forward and admit her feelings to him. Hence, she is in a denial mode to herself and to himself as well. In spite of Ranbir expressing his feelings to her in various ways, she is not ready to accept the fact that both of them are made for each other. She is under the impression that somehow she is doing something wrong and she is denying her all the feelings.

However, there is no denying that audiences are liking them together so much and as a result, they are on the mind of the audiences. The generation leap in the show actually brought a very much needed and refreshing change in the storyline with new faces and the introduction of a new love story alongside Abhi and Pragya.

No wonder the camaraderie of Ranbir and Prachi is in demand and people are genuinely loving them together onscreen. how vi for the chemistry of two characters comes on screen with great writing and a great share of chemistry between two actors.

Krishna Kaul, Ranbir of Kumkum Bhagya is from Delhi who like many came to fulfill his dreams in Mumbai city. He was also an ex-contestant of MTV Roadies Real Heroes and before this show, he was seen in a Balaji web series named, “Punchbeat” and he got immensely popular with his stint in the series and then he got offered to be part of KKB and he accepted. Mugdha Chaphekar is one of the most renowned actresses of Indian television.

People still remember her as Princess Sanyuktha and there is no need to mention her chemistry with Rajat Tokas was the talk of town. After that this actress got appeared in many shows and the last we had seen her in colors show ‘Savitri Devi College and Hospital’ opposite Varun Kapoor.

However, her role in the show was really small and limited. Hence we can say this show did all over good to their career and people started liking them together in the show in spite of Shabbir and Sriti left a huge impact on the audiences as individuals and also as a couple. Currently, due to love down the situation in the entire country we are not able to witness the love story of Prachi and Ranbir progressing but surely we cannot wait for the story to unfold further. What is your moment to fall for this cute couple, tell us in the comments.