What will be Mayura’s next move?? : Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

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In the previous episodes we have seen how Omkar wanted to start a new life by marrying Ashwaria,he even locked up Mayura because he had understood her plan to remarry him. But during every single rituals Omkar kept recalling his marriage with Mayura.

Later Tara along with her team of euncuh comes to his marriage but gives their blessing only to bride. They don’t even accept the money. Omkar feels anxious about this.

Later after the rituals are completed Omkar and his bride are praying infront of goddess idol. Omkar feels happy that finally Mayura is out of his life. Suddenly heavy winds start blowing and he sees that the one whom he married is Mayura. He feels devastated. Omkar starts acting hysterically and keeps shoving her away. He cannot face the scar on Mayura’s face. Mayura reveals her full face and the painful scar on her face is visible. Memories of how Omkar had given her that mark flashes back to her mind. Manjiri asks her to stay away and asks how did she replace Ashwaria.
Mayura tells them how Tara was one who had helped her escape and made Ashwaria fall unconscious so that Mayura can take her place.

In the upcoming episodes we will see how Mayura makes Omkar face her mark and makes him feel the pain she has been going through.

What will be Omkar’s next step?

Will Mayura win or tables will turn once again?

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