What will be Mayura’s next move?: Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

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In the previous episodes we have seen how Mayura had successfully returned back to Omkar Mansion by tricking him and using presence of public. Also, it was shown how Manjiri tries various tricks to break Mayura’s self confidence and make her leave the house. But she fails miserably. Manjiri hurts Mayura’s hand and makes her cook for Omkar. Mayura still does it all successfully and remains confident about her game plan.

Later its shown how Mayura tactfully destroys Omkar’s image infront of general public as well as priests and Chief Minister. The white marble which was to be used for temple establishment during worship ceremony was tainted with blood red marks which made Omkar lose his important contract. Omkar feels broken as he had emotionally attachment to the Temple project.

Mayura explains them how she didn’t stoop low to use real blood instead used the chemical reaction between the red flower and tincture which made those red stains on the marble piece.
Omkar and Mayura taunt each other.

Omkar had asked Mayura that now when he wants her to go away from his life, why is she still so institent on staying?
Mayura tactfully pushes him inside a cage and locks it up. Omkar feels suffocated and screams to open him. But Mayura taunts him and says how a cage is suffocating irrespective of which material it is made up of.

In upcoming episode we will see how Mayura tortures Omkar mentally and makes him a slave to his own thoughts!

How will Omkar free himself?

What will be Mayura’s next step against Omkar and Manjiri?

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