What will Geetanjali Devi will do when she learns about Aarav?: Sasural Simar Ka 2

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Sasural Simar Ka is all set for high drama as in upcoming episodes viewers will see how Simar will live up to expectations or not. How destiny plays its role for Aarav and Simar? The show will be unrevealing lot many mysteries of Oswal family.

In the previous episode we have seen that Geetanjali Devi scolded Gajender. Chitra back bites Sandhya. Griraj called Guptaji. Roma asked Lalit not tell her family about the incident. Avinash got back his conscious. Chitra told Badi Ma that Aarav bought Simar to Oswal residence. Geetanjali Devi was shocked. Ahead Guptaji came to Oswal residence, he taunted Geetanjali Devi on wedding insident. He told that he came for Roka of Vivaan and Kajal. Geetanjali Devi told him that she doesn’t want big ceremony. Aarav remembered Badi Simar promise. He took Simar infront of Geetanjali Devi and the guests. He congratulated Vivaan and Kajal and took blessing from Guptaji with Simar. But Geetanjali Devi stopped him from giving blessing and told that Simar cannot be the Bahu of Oswal family and disgraced her parents.

In respond to that Simar told that she could say anything to her but not to her parents as they are innocent. Geetanjali Devi got furious she hold her hand and pulled her to main door, meanwhile Aarav hold back Simar’s hand and stopped her. Geetanjali Devi threatened Aarav and told her that he had lost her trust by supporting Simar. She told him to leave Simar to her house by tonight other wise he will get to face the bad side of his Badi Ma.

In the upcoming episode we will see that Reema will blame Simar for everything. She will tell her that she spoiled her life. Yet Simar will tell to Reema that she did everything and her silly decisions changed their lives forever. Simar will remind Reema that Aarav is her husband now and she is Simar Aarav Oswal, so she cannot show her right on him. Reema will be furious and will tell to Simar that now she will take revenge from her for her betrayal.

Will Simar goes back to Oswal residence?

Will Geetanjali Devi accepts Simar?

What will Reema do to take revenge from her sister?

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