What’s cooking in the kitchen of Mini aka Ashnoor Kaur

Sony TV’s popular show Patiala Babes is already famous among the masses. The lead characters of the show Mini and Babita and their story is favorite to many. Recently the show took a leap and now Mini runs a restaurant and all the staff is working under her guidance and looking after. Well, we had seen in the show that Mini finds it difficult to cook anything even for herself or for her sister. She knows only bread Toast and omelette to make and that is why her menu for breakfast is always limited.

Well, this is the story of the central character Mini but the actor Ashnoor Kaur can relate Mini in this scenario in a perfect way. Maybe this is the reason why the portrayal of Mini by Ashnoor is perfectly done on screen. Now if you all are wondering why suddenly we are talking about the culinary skills of Mini and Ashnoor? Then you people need to read further to know what is special about today?

Ashnoor on screenplays the role of a restaurant owner, not even aware of anything about cooking in her real life. How do we get to know this? Well due to COVID-19 situations all are locked in-home quarantine. No matter what, no matter who, all are right now spending the same lifestyle. Be it your favourite cricketer or celebrity all are having the same kind of routine in their day.

Patiala babes actor Ashnoor Kaur also shared with her fans today how she is spending her Quarantine and what all she is trying to do new things in this period. Today this actor shared a cooking video of hers from her kitchen where it seems she is trying to make Omelette at first but then we got to know all she is trying to make a half fried egg. She is trying it for the very first time and under the guidance of her mother.

After trying 3 times repeatedly finally she succeeded in dropping the egg yellow part intact on the pan. She made egg Bhurjis from the first two unsuccessful attempts and finally the third one came out perfect and we could see the ecstatic feelings of the actor after doing it perfectly.

Well one thing we can learn from this, even if it is your first time, do not give up under any situation. Trials and dedication can make things done for people so never lose hope. On another hand, we can really hope to see more such adorable and fun-loving cooking trials from Ashnoor until this quarantine gets over completely. Keep going Mini and give a competition to your Chef Neil Oberoi in the coming future.

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