“When it comes to makeup, I feel less is more,” says Radha Mohan’s lead actress Neeharika Roy

Ever since the show’s launch, Zee TV’s Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan has been entertaining its viewers with interesting twists and turns. Post its recent 7-year leap, the storyline ventured into uncharted territories for Radha and Mohan, played by Neeharika Roy and Shabir Ahluwalia, respectively.

The star-crossed lovers, no longer together, cross paths as neighbors, igniting jealousy in Radha’s husband, Yug Kohli (played by Manit Joura). In recent episodes, viewers saw how Radha and Mohan came together to save li’l Manan from the kidnappers despite Yug trying to kill Manan (Shaurya Vijayvargiya) by locking him in his school.

Actor Neeharika Roy is just loving her post-leap look. In fact, she chooses to do her own makeup most of the time. Now that she wears simple and beautiful Anarkali dresses, her makeup is very subtle. She definitely needs help with her hair, for which she takes the help of a hair stylist, but when it comes to the technique of makeup, she believes every actor finds their own groove over a period of time.

Neeharika says, “As an actor, over a period of time, we learn the nuances of good makeup, especially from our makeup artists. So now I trouble my makeup Didi a little less, (laughs) and end up doing most of my makeup by myself. When there is a different track and change in the look, I completely rely on her, but on a regular basis, I feel when it comes to makeup, less is more.

My focus goes into, light base, preferably, tinted moisturizers, blush, a good lip combo, and eye makeup, as I believe it helps me accentuate my features better. When one looks good, they feel good, which eventually results in great output, for me that means delivering my hundred percent in my performance every day.”

“When it comes to makeup, I feel less is more,” says Radha Mohan’s lead actress Neeharika Roy

While fans are enjoying the ongoing twists and turns in the show, with Yug’s evil plans to kill Manan and expose the truth of Radha and Mohan’s relationship, will Mohan be able to protect his family from Yug?

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