When Sai investigates Virat: throwback to Sairat cute moment from Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

Cockcrow Entertainment and Shaika Films produced show Ghum Hai Kiskikey Pyaar Mein is fetching audience attention for their brilliant execution on-screen. The show plot revolves around a life of Virat, Sai and Pakhi. Set on Marathi backdrop; Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein gain good TRP each week for their gripping track. Actor Neil Bhatt and Ayesha Singh don’t miss a chance to amaze their fans with their splendid chemistry. Both are show attraction. Neil and Ayesha as Sai and Virat managed to win audience heart with their beautiful on-screen chemistry. Both the actors complement each other well hence makes an adorable pair on-screen. Fans named their Jodi as ‘Sairat’. Real romance between Sai and Virat is yet to start in the show. Inspite of that fans cherish accidental romance and Sairat’s cute moments on social media. So, today we bring one of the most adorable Sai and Virat moment that captured audience heart and made them go ‘Aww’.

When Sai investigates Virat!

It all started when Sai asked Virat why he visited her college and meet Aniket. Virat ask Sai to tell first how she learned that he was in the hospital. Sai asks Virat to first tell when he visited her college. Virat says to Sai that he hasn’t visited her college. Sai wear Virat’s cap and on stick point acts like inspector and asks latter to tell her the truth. Virat asks Sai if he cannot visit her college. Sai says he can even take admission in her college but can’t spy at her back. Virat tries to make an excuse. Sai asks Virat not to lie. Sairat shares an eye-lock moment. Virat adores Sai’s beauty. He asks Sai to excuse him. Sai covers her face and sleep. Fans can’t stop smiling seeing Sairat’s simple yet impactful moment from the show.

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