Why Dipika Kakar Ibrahim is the perfect pick for Sonakshi Rastogi?

Star Plus one of the most popular and talked shows of nowadays is “Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum” is creating lots of headlines for all kind of correct reasons. Karan V Grover and Dipika Kakar Ibrahim are playing the tutorial roles of Rohit Sippy and Sonakshi Rastogi in the mega show. The chemistry between Rohit and Sonakshi is one of the major reasons people are getting attracted to the show. Dipika Kakar Ibrahim made a powerful comeback with this show after winning the title of Bigg Boss season 12. After portraying an overdramatic character like Simar Bhardwaj, Dipika made a very sensible choice by choosing Sonakshi as her comeback. The audience of the show be it neutral or the fans just can’t stop praising Dipika Kakar for portraying the role of Sonakshi Rastogi in the best possible way. Not only that, she is literally making a big difference between Parvati and Sonakshi at the same time. There is no doubt that Dipika is a very natural actor and her craft makes Sonakshi look very relatable to the audience.

It is very unfortunate that we are really running short of words to summarise the sheer perfection Dipika brings on the screen while playing the role of Sonakshi. Hence we are coming up with the basic elements that make Sonakshi Rastogi look my dear to the audience, thanks to Dipika Kakar Ibrahim.

After her stint in Bigg Boss, the audience got to know how Dipika is in real life? Hence when she opted for Sonakshi Rastogi, the audience can actually feel Dipika in the place of Sonakshi effortlessly. Sonakshi has a very basic nature of taking care of everybody surrounding her. In spite of being one of the top actresses, Sonakshi never leaves her roots and remains grounded. She values the person who works as hard as her every day along with her. The concern and the responsible nature ok Sonakshi comes out very naturally by Dipika. Something which is not easy for anyone else to pull off, she does it with ease.

Sonakshi Rastogi is emotional but at the same time very practical and a badass queen. She cries when she is in pain but her tears don’t stop her from being strong or standing up for her self respect. She knows her worth and flaws and she wears them like a diamond in her personality. We had seen Sonakshi giving back to the male protagonist even after being accused of causing a wardrobe malfunction was something ITV rarely sees. She is the one who hardly takes shades at her quietly. She can transform her can’t into can. She has literally rescued herself single-handedly from Mhatre and Sumit in different circumstances which made us remember how Dipika keep herself high during her stay at Bigg Boss and assumed the villain of the house by all the mates.

It will be very unfair and wrong to even think someone else can look this good with Rohit on screen. In our wildest dreams, we never thought that Karan and Dipika can actually set the screen on fire with mere intertwined fingers. The way both Karan and Dipika compliment each other on screen is something almost every ITV stan want their favs to do. There is no doubt these two being the powerhouse of talents and are one of the most good-looking pairs ITV ever had. Hence, there is almost a zero chance for all of us to even think someone else in place of her.

After playing an OTT character like Simar in Sasural Simar Ka Dipika is playing a very normal and common mass character like Sonakshi Rastogi in Kahaan Hum KahaanTum. When she gets into the reel character of Parvati in her show and completely puts off the practical, normal girl Sonakshi who gets worried for her family and doesn’t behave like a superwoman is actually convincing and relatable. Like she is also a human being with human flaws and shortcomings in life.

Dipika Kakar Ibrahim is literally living the character of Sonakshi and Parvati is not just a mere statement but a fact. The online platforms and forums had endless praises for her for making them her fan in a span of three months. Dipika literally proved her merit through this character and effortlessly puts herself in the league of being the queen. Her portrayal, relatability, and convincing acting made Sonakshi lovable to TV stans. No wonder the actress named a trend after her name for a fictional character inside a fiction show. #NoPravatiNoKPK is one such trend which Indian Television fan culture never has seen till now.

Currently, the show story is going to bring a temporary separation track between Rohit and Sonakshi. While the fans are upset over the fact of seeing these two love birds are being separated from each other. They are also feeling extremely protective for Sonakshi owing to the beautiful portrayal of Dipika. Well, we wish this actress all the best for the future of the show. Tell us in the comment section what made you feel Dipika is being the perfect choice for Sonakshi Rastogi?.

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