Why Isharon Isharon Mein is different from other shows?

In the era where supernatural genres are fast making its place on ITV, there shows like Isharon Isharon Mein is like a breath of fresh air on the television.

Many feels- it’s high time for Indian Television to upgrade it’s contents, as serving old saas-bahu conspiracies or supernatural plots is not going to work anymore in the age of web series. At one side, when audiences today are fast switching to the digital platform because their plots are fresh, engaging and easy click on the genre of their own choice. Then, on the other hand, shows like; Isharon Isharon Mein is pulling back audiences to fix their eyes on the television sets.

Zama Habib produced Sony TV Isharon Isharon Mein- is winning the likes because of it’s fresh, light-hearted and no over the top drama. Mudit Nayar and Simran Pareenja starring show is a romantic, comedy and subject story that revolves around a ‘deaf n mute’ couple.

Boy Yogi( Mudit Nayar) is born with a disability but his family never makes him realize that he is different from others. Yogi lives a carefree life like a normal people and loves spending time with his family and close friends. He further bumps into Gunjan (Simran Paternal) who is also mute and deaf and currently, duos are seen developing feelings for each other.

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Sony TV show is heard to be inspired by Bollywood movies (Khamosi and Koshish) but what is making this show different from the movie and others show is- it’s the way of presentation.

The first-ever sign language show is focusing on the minutes and is trying to inspire the differently-abled people in a positive way through its character Yogi. Yogi in spite of deaf and mute believe in achieving his dream and not regretting that he is different from normal people.

Basically makers through the show want to convey the message to the people like Yogi that instead of regretting that you are disabled and not like others; sketch a beautiful life for yourself with what you are blessed with and win the world.

Apart from these show holds few laugh-out-loud moments in between that too in Isharon Isharon Mein.
So, fans shoot your comments and share with us, why Isharon Isharon Mein is your favorite show.

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